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Galvanic Corrosion and The Little Charges that Save Our Ships

Corrosion has been a significant problem since the use of metals in pipes and marine structures began. In fact, chemists and engineers have studied the problem since Sir Humphry Davy presented the first research on the subject to the Royal Society in 1824.

Today, metals are better protected than ever...

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Marine Engineering Services: Cathodic Protection Systems

Today, a great deal of steel’s infrastructure is seriously being threatened by a persistent and highly destructive agent. What is it? Corrosion. If you’re a marine facility owner, it’s decaying at this very moment if it’s not adequately protected. The corrosion rate for bare, clean steel is a minimum of 5 mils a year...

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Keeping Ballast Water Free of Unwanted Passengers

Since the early days of shipbuilding, the need for ballast has been understood. The nature of mechanics on the water makes it so that having a certain amount of weight on a ship, properly positioned, makes it ride properly, avoid capsizing, and become more maneuverable...

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