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6 Smart Tips To Live an Environment-Friendly Lifestyle in Malaysia

Far from being a cumbersome lifestyle, adding eco-friendly touches into your everyday habits comes with plenty of perks. Your monthly bill dwindles, your home becomes greener, and lastly, you will feel healthier than ever. There are many surprising eco-friendly tips that you can incorporate into your household, and here is where you can start.

  1. Bring a canvas bag

Canvas bag is an eco-friendly ...

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Five Essential Items Every Cyclist Should Have On The Road


There are a few specific items that every cyclist should purchase when they buy bicycle parts in Malaysia. These items can make cycling easier and safer while riding along streets or through trails in the region. Here are five pieces of gear that every cyclist should purchase.

1. Protective Gear
It is important to wear a helmet that fits properly and is durable enough to protect the head during ...

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