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4 Tips on How to Write Better Fiction

Writing fiction can be challenging. You may be concerned with character development, plot development, style of writing and other factors. There are fundamentals to focus on when it comes to writing fiction books. Aside from grammar, there are psychological factors that must be considered before going on to write better fiction. Factors vary from self worth issues to technical issues...

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Useful Phrases for Letter Writing for IELTS

As you probably know writing a letter is the first task for the writing section of your IELTS. What’s incredibly practical is to have a mind bank of various phrases that can be used for any letter regardless of topic. So I’ve brainstormed and come up with some useful expressions worth memorizing!

• I am writing this letter to (inform you about/ enquire about/ request/ apologize/ confirm)

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Advice for Children Entering a New School Abroad

Sometimes it makes sense for a child to enter school in a new country. The family may have moved, or they may choose to send a child alone for the purpose of seeking a better education for the child. No matter what is the source of the relocation, there are several pieces of advice to help a child succeed at a new school abroad (see How Boarding Schools Contribute to a Student’s Development).


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What Type of Lawyer Makes The Most Money?

When people are interested in lawyers, they often want to know which lawyers make the most money. Prospective law students should be aware that there are plenty of different specialties in the field that can lead to lucrative careers. With that in mind, there are some types of lawyers that always seem to make more money than the rest...

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How to Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers – but only if you get it right. So how do you craft the perfect profile that will have employers filling your inbox with offers? Here are some tips to help:

1. Keep Your Information Current. The same attitude of instant gratification that applies to the rest of the internet applies to your LinkedIn profile as well...

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Become a Private Investigator and Be Your Own Boss


Private investigators have a myriad of job opportunities in the field of investigations. Although most investigators have some college credits, a lot of their training is on-the-job training. Frequently, retired police, correctional officers or security guards will move into this area of employment. Some choose to work for another detective agency, while others open their own business with the pro...

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