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5 Thriving Industries in Taiping: Get Hired Today

Taiping has a rich history as a quickly developing town in the 19th century where tin was discovered. Miners and businesspeople would flock to Taiping and take advantage of the copious amounts of tin. These days, Taiping is not known for tin, but as the wettest town in Malaysia. It’s also home to the beautiful landscape and rain forests that attract thousands of visitors...

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5 Awesome Tips For Finding a Good Job In Taiping, Malaysia

Although Taiping boasts of being among the top tourist destinations in Malaysia, it’s also a potential place for job seekers hoping to land a job they love. The new emerging markets and high-end multinational companies around are patiently waiting to hire top talents to make work around the workplace much fun and easier...

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The Positive Side of Advertising: Why Do Advertisers Love Their Job?

Lay people might find it hard to understand why those persons behind a distracting television advertisement love their jobs. People living in Malaysia and other parts of the globe think that what advertisers do is merely some forms of interruptions and money-grabbing tactics...

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The Benefits of Being a Banker – 6 Reasons Why Everyone Wants a Job in the Malaysian Banking Industry

Ask any Malaysian, and they will tell you that one of the best industries to work for in this day and age is the banking industry. For many locals, having a banking career in Malaysia proves to be one of the best ways to secure financial success in the future. But there are still others who question the benefits of the job...

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What Type of Lawyer Makes The Most Money?

When people are interested in lawyers, they often want to know which lawyers make the most money. Prospective law students should be aware that there are plenty of different specialties in the field that can lead to lucrative careers. With that in mind, there are some types of lawyers that always seem to make more money than the rest...

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How to Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers – but only if you get it right. So how do you craft the perfect profile that will have employers filling your inbox with offers? Here are some tips to help:

1. Keep Your Information Current. The same attitude of instant gratification that applies to the rest of the internet applies to your LinkedIn profile as well...

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Become a Private Investigator and Be Your Own Boss


Private investigators have a myriad of job opportunities in the field of investigations. Although most investigators have some college credits, a lot of their training is on-the-job training. Frequently, retired police, correctional officers or security guards will move into this area of employment. Some choose to work for another detective agency, while others open their own business with the pro...

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