5 Thriving Industries in Taiping: Get Hired Today

Taiping has a rich history as a quickly developing town in the 19th century where tin was discovered. Miners and businesspeople would flock to Taiping and take advantage of the copious amounts of tin. These days, Taiping is not known for tin, but as the wettest town in Malaysia. It’s also home to the beautiful landscape and rain forests that attract thousands of visitors. With new-found interest in Taiping, businesses are investing in Taiping, and new jobs are being created. For fresh graduates or young professionals seeking a new locale, Taiping is where to go to find a job. If you’re unsure where to find the right job vacancies in Taiping for you, check out this list of five thriving industries in Taiping.

  1. Travel

With many attraction, Taiping attracts visitors both foreign and local. Gardens like the Lake Garden and Tulip Garden are in need of marketing associates. One of the biggest draws, Taiping Zoo and Night Safari Taiping are always in need of customer service agents and business development associates to attract more people to come.

  1. Retail

The retail industry in Taiping grows as more brands set up shop at big malls like the Taiping Sentral Mall and AEON Mall Taiping. Retail jobs available are in the fields of marketing, operations, and front-line staff. There are a lot of jobs to go around.

  1. Banking and Finance

As the economy of Taiping grows, more banks and financial institutions are setting up branches all over town. Maybank, OCBC Bank are just two of the banks setting up shop and seeking employees to fill up positions like personal bankers and business development executive.

  1. Health and Medical

With more people moving to Taiping, health and medical institutions like Teleflex Medical are seeking more employees to boost their growth and cater to more people. Positions open range from quality assurance specialists to research and development personnel.

  1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is Taiping is steadily growing as more factories are setting up to take advantage of the cheap rent. Manufacturing companies like Latexx Manufacturing are seeking operations executives and engineers to grow their business.


If you’re seeking a good place to start a career and find a job, Taiping is where to go. There are growing industries with jobs available for many types of skills. Check out job vacancies in these five industries and get hired in Taiping.