The Positive Side of Advertising: Why Do Advertisers Love Their Job?

Lay people might find it hard to understand why those persons behind a distracting television advertisement love their jobs. People living in Malaysia and other parts of the globe think that what advertisers do is merely some forms of interruptions and money-grabbing tactics. But what many of people do not know is that on the perspective of the advertising team, they believe that their job has a lot of worthy reasons to be loved and enjoyed for the rest of their lives.

The field of advertising can be very rewarding. If you are seeking for some advertising job vacancies in Malaysia, here are some motivating reasons why you should pursue the advertisement world:

  1. Channels Creativity – You know that it’s hard nowadays to maintain the attention of your prospective audience. Consumers find an advertisement that lasts for even less than a minute interrupting and annoying. That is why if you are planning to enter the world of sales and advertisement, one ultimate trait that you should possess is creativity. No one wants to waste 30 seconds of his or her time watching a dull ad that can’t even persuade viewers to look at it for 10 seconds. Working in the sales and advertising world challenges you to squeeze your stored creative juices until you arrive on your clients’ desired output. It is the kind of job that provides an avenue for learning and growth.
  2. Bridges Emotional Affection – If you are an advertiser, you create an emotional bridge that can link the consumers and the brand together. You can create stories and trends that make your target audience relate to the products or services sold by the company. As what you may have observed, there are a lot of ads in Malaysia that can trigger various emotions. They can even associate love with food, friendship with a soda, and humor with a cup of noodles.
  3. A Form of Expression – An ad is a form of art; your concepts and ideas you present to your clients are representations of what you think and feel. If you are thinking of a delightful ad that portrays friendship by sharing a soda with each other, then it must have been one of your experiences or a result of what you perceive as endearing and nice. Or maybe, you have decided to relate a love story to a piece of gum; you must have been thinking of that plot in your head when you once fantasized a story of your own.
  4. Brings Change – Never underestimate the moving power of a 30-second or a one-liner ad. Advertisements can bring an impact to people’s lives. You know how powerful media is nowadays. Media affects people directly, from the way they dress to how they perceive life. That’s why being in the advertisement world is a social responsibility as well. You should be careful about what you want to tell to the thousands of viewers with thousands of interpretations.
  5. Solve Problems – Advertisers are life-savers. They can save a brand whose sales are going downstream due to its decreasing consumer demand. You can boost sales, make a brand well-known, and build a company’s credibility.
  6. Challenging Competition – The advertisement schemes are prevalent in Malaysia. There are a lot of advertising companies with creative minds that produce high-quality outputs for huge brands. The competition is real. Ask yourself, “What should I do to make this brand stand out among the other brands?” There are a lot of advertisements on the television, radio, walls, and roads. Making an ad unique from previous ads or from its nearest competitor is a challenge. You need to invest a lot of time, effort, and ultimately, creativity to arrive at the best possible result you could make.

Advertising is more than just the striking one-liner tag or persuasive jingle you encounter each day; it creates impact, connects people,  provides personal growth, and saves lives. If you are planning to pursue this job, then a bright future is guaranteed ahead of you. Go and start snagging those advertising job vacancies in Malaysia.