5 Influential Reasons to Live an Organic Lifestyle

Many studies have shown that there’s a correlation between one’s health and their lifestyle. One of the ways to a healthy body and mind is by choosing organic products. Here are 5 reasons why going organic can make a big difference and lead to a happier and better life:

  1. Preserve Ecosystem Organic means keeping pesticide and dangerous chemicals out of the air, water, soil, local habitat, and even our body. This way, organic farming doesn’t create as many pollutions as the non-organic one. In doing so, it doesn’t disrupt the harmony in biodiversity.
  2. Better Nutrition The soil is the first foundation of the food chain. Nourished and well-balanced soil is really important to produce healthy and strong plants. This can increase the nutritional quality of the food and boost the vitamins and minerals intake. In our modern era where the quality of food has decreased, many people suffer from vitamin deficiency, sometimes even without noticing it. Therefore, it is advisable to consume organic produce, especially for children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.
  3. Better Taste Thanks to the good quality of soil, when a plant grows naturally and organically without pesticides, its flavor enhances. Thus the taste of the fruits and vegetables become richer and delicious.
  4. Shun Unnecessary Drugs/ Antibiotics/ Hormones Even all the hormones in meat and dairy products cannot be broken down easily at high temperature. In the end, they go directly into the consumers’ body. Organic is also the only way to avoid unnecessary and even dangerous chemical and/or artificial substances such as GMOs.
  5. Reduce Health Risk Making sensible product use and food choice can really improve health quality. So many researchers have found a causal relation between chemicals in non-organic products to cancer and other illnesses. Hence, organic products are the secret weapons to prevent certain dangerous diseases.

In a conclusion, there are so many advantages to going organic instead of non-organic. Even on a part-time basis, people should consider choosing organic. Many are still hesitant in making the first step because they think it’s hard to find organic produce. But this is simply not true. Nowadays, as organic everything gains more and more popularity, such products abound. It’s even not uncommon to find organic grocery with delivery, especially in big cities. Bottom line, the advantages outweigh by far any convenience it may entail.