6 Smart Tips To Live an Environment-Friendly Lifestyle in Malaysia

Far from being a cumbersome lifestyle, adding eco-friendly touches into your everyday habits comes with plenty of perks. Your monthly bill dwindles, your home becomes greener, and lastly, you will feel healthier than ever. There are many surprising eco-friendly tips that you can incorporate into your household, and here is where you can start.

  1. Bring a canvas bag


Canvas bag is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Not only are they durable than the everyday plastic bags, it is built with multi-purpose usage from storing your supermarket groceries to carrying your books and heavy items.

  1. Practice recycling


Recycling is one of the golden rules of eco-friendly living. If you have old belongings and appliances to discard, bring them to your neighborhood recycling center, instead of throwing it out in the open.

  1. Conserve energy


Practicing energy conservation wherever you go is a smart eco-friendly tip. Before you step out from your home, take necessary measures such as unplugging any unused electrical appliances, washing your laundry on cold spin, or air-drying your clothes. Even better, upgrade your home lighting with compact fluorescent light bulbs that are said to last longer than ordinary light bulbs.

  1. Reduce paper usage


Going digital is one of the ways to reduce paper usage. Instead of purchasing physical copies of magazines and newspapers, opt for their digital copy or subscribe to their mobile app for their news and stories. Another way to minimize paper usage is by utilizing both sides of the paper for work and school assignments.



  1. Take public transportation


One of the many measures to reduce your carbon footprint is by commuting to work or school using public transportation. Take the bus or ride the train whenever you need to commute from one place to another. You can also use a foldable bike to work or walk to school.

  1. Raise a garden


Add a green makeover into your home by raising a garden or planting a tree in your backyard. Not only will your newly planted tree pump out fresh oxygen, your fruit and vegetable garden will provide fresh ingredients for your daily meal preparation.

Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is a lot simpler than you think. Start with easy changes such as using a canvas bag for your groceries, taking a foldable bike to work, or raising a vegetable garden in your backyard. In the months to come, you will realize that the small changes you’ve made have taken shape into a positive impact on your environment.