Finding the Best Place to Dive in Malaysia

Sabah is one of the top spots to visit in Malaysia and boasts some of the finest ocean areas. This pristine location is in the Borneo, which offers one of the best opportunities for tourists to have encounters with wildlife. You’ll find the best diving in East Sabah, which is also suitable for beginners to diving. When you stay at a Sabah hotel, you’ll have quick access to all of these opportunities.


Great News for Beginners

If you’ve never taken diving before, you’ll be quite pleased to learn that there are diving instructors who will help you each step of the way. These dive operators are fully licensed, ensuring that you will have a professional experience. They have a friendly, enthusiastic attitude that will help you feel fully confident.




Sabah contains an archipelago that is in one of the best diving spots in all of Malaysia. Sipadan is one of the islands in this archipelago and has achieved fame as being a favourite of Jacques Cousteau. The water in this area reaches depths of 2000 metres, with visible sea walls under the island.


Thousands of marine animals find their way here to feed because of its unique location. Both hammerhead sharks and sea turtles flock to this part of the ocean to feed, and you will have some great underwater photography opportunities. Because this area is in such high demand, you might find that dive operators will only take a limited number of divers to this area. Make sure you contact a dive operator as early as possible, so you don’t miss this opportunity.


One of the things that travellers love the most about Lankayan Island is the romantic setting, complete with white sand beaches. Several unique species are found here, including bump head parrotfish, yellowtail barracuda, groupers, leopard sharks, and marbled stingray. Hawksbill and green turtles common swim through the area and offer an additional treat with the proximity to Turtle Islands Park. When you’re in between dives, you can visit this park to see the turtles and their natural nesting sites.

Leopard Shark


Kapalai Reef

Muck diving, which involves diving in areas with a lot of sediment and reefs to see species that thrive is these conditions, has become very popular. Kapalai Reef is one of the best spots to take advantage of this muddy but fun type of dive. There are many colourful species to see, including the blue-ringed octopus, harlequin ghost pipefish, and cuttlefish. Most of the species come to feed near the jetty, giving you easy access.



Choosing a Location

You will probably want to choose a place close to your Sabah hotel, although major diving resorts offer transportation. Regardless of whether you have past diving experience or not, a diving instructor will know which places you ought to choose. You’ll be able to enjoy your holiday as your relax in complete comfort.