The One Crucial Product Men Tend to Ignore Before Going Out on a Date

after shaveUsing the right after shave for men is probably as important as choosing the best makeup for women when it comes to dating. Particularly for first dates, a man’s scent can either be intoxicating to his date or practically toxic. Moreover, rough facial skin often becomes a deal breaker when a man goes in for a kiss at the end of the night. With the proper after shave to make your skin both smooth and enticing, your date will have no problem finding chemistry with you.


What Makes a Good After Shave

Traditionally, after shave comes in an alcohol base with various aromas mixed in that is applied to the face subsequent to shaving. However, after shave increasingly is taking on a form that more closely resembles lotion than cologne because, although the alcohol helps disinfect, it also dries out the skin. Some after shave lotions and balms even double as sunscreen, with UVA and UVB protection added into them. You can determine which after shave is best for you by evaluating your skin type and challenges, selecting a product with ingredients geared toward your needs. Once you have decided on ingredients, you will need to figure out which fragrances appeal to you or best represent your personality.

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Ingredients and Their Effects

In most after shave balms, astringents and alcohol are replaced with gentler ingredients with various benefits depending on your needs. The following are some common after shave ingredients and their benefits:

• Alcohol

As an astringent, meaning it dries and pulls oil out of your skin, alcohol in after shave is great for anyone with a lot of acne and oily skin. Be aware that there will be a stinging sensation when applying this type of after shave. Remember to avoid alcohol-based products if your skin is too dry.

• Vitamins

B and E vitamins are known to support healthy skin and fast healing, so look for these ingredients if you struggle with razor burn, bumps and nicks. Even if you don’t particularly need them, these vitamins don’t have a down side.

• Aloe Vera

Providing both a cooling sensation as well as disinfecting any cuts, aloe is a preferred ingredient in a large number of after shaves for men. Like vitamins, aloe vera is great for any skin type.

aloe vera lotion


• Essential Oils  

Whether it has almond oil, grape seed extract, lanolin or refreshingly fragrant tea tree oil, an after shave cream with any type of essential oil is best for hydrating very dry and rough skin types. Of course, you may want to avoid these added oils if your skin is already too oily.

essential oil


Choosing a Scent

From fruity lime to heady sandalwood, there are just too many fragrances available to count. Trying to decide between aromas can leave your head spinning from sniffing all those samples. Few men’s colognes and after shaves contain floral perfumes, but you will still find a choice of several fragrance families. To cleanse your sense of smell between samples, as strange as it may sound, you need only to smell an unperfumed portion of your own skin.

Once you have decided on a fragrance family that best works for you, and you have narrowed your search down to a few types of after shave splashes or creams based on the ingredients you need, all you have to do is make your final decision. Test out your new after shave on your next date; you might be surprised at how much positive attention you’ll receive!