5 Easy Habits You Can Instill Now for a Beach-Ready Body This Summer

Having facial acne can make even the most self-assured person uncomfortable, but this skin affliction is fairly common, even among adults. Body acne, on the other hand, is much less discussed but equally embarrassing, especially during the summer months of bikinis and beaches.

Like the facial type, body acne typically forms when a person’s hair follicles and pores become blocked. This occurs most commonly on the back, neck and chest, but it really can appear anywhere that dead skin and oil can build up and clog the pores. With thicker skin and larger pores in these areas of the body, it can be even trickier to keep this skin clear. Luckily, there are several methods that can be used to help keep skin fresh and beach-ready.


1. Focus on improving hygiene and keeping skin clean

The summer can be a conundrum for many body acne sufferers. On the one hand, they want their skin to be clear and beautiful for tank tops and bikinis, but on the other hand, the weather is working against them. The body naturally produces more oil in the summer, and this combined with more sweat and the use of sunscreen can lead to an increase of clogged pores. Showering daily, especially after a work out, and using a natural body scrub with a little bit of salicylic acid in it will help cleanse the pores and hopefully prevent more pore obstructions.



2.But avoid over-cleansing the skin

However, there is too much of a good thing when it comes to cleansing in the shower. The water can strip the skin of healthy moisture, over-drying the skin and sending it into oil production mode. Increasing oil production will also lead to clogged pores. After a shower, using a hypoallergenic body lotion can help keep moisture in the skin.



3. to natural fibers and fabrics

Wearing natural fabrics is a good year-round and exercising tip for anyone who suffers from body acne, but it is especially important in the summer when bodies are hot and perspiring excessively. The fibers are able to wick moisture away from the skin, helping to prevent clogged pores.



4. Avoid unnecessary jewelry or purse straps

Summer is the perfect time for minimal accessorizing. Leaving heavy jewelry or large purse straps against the skin as it perspires can trap dirt and sweat, clogging pores and causing body acne. By letting clear skin shine without the problems of jewelry can be extra beautiful, as well as healthier for the skin.




5. Choose hairstyles carefully

Another culprit for trapping dirt and sweat against the chest, neck and back is hair. Sweaty hair, or even hair with a lot of styling chemicals, can clog pores too. When the weather is hot, keeping hair up and off the skin can help.


There is no magic bullet for instantly conquering body acne, but careful attention to daily habits that clog pores can help prevent unsightly blemishes from occurring during bikini season. Making a few of these changes is the first step to cleaner skin.