4 Ways to Prevent Phone Acne

Of all the things you may leave home without – your wallet, favorite sunglasses, shopping list – your cell phone is probably not one of them. Just about everybody everywhere is glued to their phone, figuratively – and sometimes literally. The fact that we’re always talking to people via our smartphones is the main reason why we notice acne cropping up in unfamiliar places. If you’ve ever noticed acne on your cheek or side of your chin, that’s likely due to talking on the phone.

This isn’t pleasant to hear, but it’s true: cell phones are covered in bacteria. Think about it – you touch your phone hundreds of times every day, after touching hundreds of other things. It’s no wonder why germs so easily get transferred from the rest of the world to your smartphone. Then, that bacteria gets transferred to your face when you make a call. Plus, smartphones seem to be growing in size, which means there’s more surface area for bacteria to cover and then transfer to your skin. Not only are you more exposed to germs, but your pores become clogged, which leads to acne. Sure, you can get rid of those blemishes, but why not prevent them from popping up in the first place? These four tips will help you keep your phone clean and your skin clear.


1. Instead of putting your phone up to your ear whenever a call comes in, invest in an earpiece or headphones.

Or, simply put your phone on speaker mode, so long as there aren’t people around to annoy. The farther your phone is from your skin, the more clear your face will stay. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your phone and skin clean, though.



2. Regularly wipe your phone with a microfiber cloth. Ideally, you should wipe your phone down every day

make it part of your daily routine. Then, once a week, wipe it down with a cotton ball that’s been lightly doused in rubbing alcohol. Then, spritz a bit of glass cleaner on a soft cloth and run it over the screen to make the screen shine. Make sure to routinely clean your phone even if it’s doesn’t look dirty – you can’t always see bacteria, but it may still be lurking.




3. If you left your headpiece at home and you don’t want the rest of the world to hear your conversation.

You may have no choice but to put the phone up to the side of your face. In this case, don’t press too hard. If you put pressure on your oil glands, they’ll be stimulated, which can lead to a breakout. Hold your cell phone lightly instead of squashing it to your ear. Also, avoid holding it to your ear with your shoulder – not only will this put too much pressure on your skin, but you could also hurt your neck.

Business woman at work



4. Not only do you have to keep your phone clean, but you have to keep your skin clean as well.

The less bacteria on your skin, the less chance of getting acne. Regularly cleanse your facial skin with products that have ingredients that prevent acne, like benzoyl peroxide. Concentrate your skin regime on your skin and cheeks, where your phone is most likely to touch. If you use a spot treatment with salicylic acid, you can keep it on your skin all day long.


If the worst happens and you see phone acne creeping up, look for products with soothing ingredients, like botanicals or aloe.