Why Should You Pay for Cloud Servers?

Whether you’re a large business with many locations or an online business, chances are that you rely heavily on servers and hosted solutions. While it may seem easier to host your own servers in-house, there are many benefits to cloud servers over other more traditional options.


Enjoy the Flexibility of Cloud Servers

The cloud offers many degrees of flexibility that you simply cannot find with dedicated or self-hosted servers. Whether you simply need to run a high-traffic website, or you need to host web applications for your business, the cloud can adapt to your constantly changing business needs. If you go from needing very little processing power one month, to needing four times as much processing power the next month, the cloud can adapt to this with very little cost. Rather than having to purchase additional servers, you can simply increase the amount of power you need. In the same sense, if the next month you start needing less processing power, you can simply downgrade your processing power rather than being left with servers that are too powerful for your needs.

Lower Operating Costs

Having to host your own servers brings a wide variety of expenses. Electricity costs, water costs for cooling, building costs, and security costs all play a role when you host your own servers. When you host your needs in the cloud, all of those expenses fall on the data centre managing the cloud. Plus, without having to have room for servers, you’re left with extra space if you already have an office. Since you don’t have to hire someone to manage your servers either, that money can be spent on other resources or employees.

Lower Operating Costs


Your Servers Move With You

When you use the cloud, your servers move with you no matter where you go. Business relocation is complicated enough, and having to move servers and deal with downtime just makes it more complicated. You can access your loud servers from anywhere in the world, meaning that if you want to move your business across the country or across the world you can continue to stay online with your customers 100 % of the time during the move.

Access your loud servers from anywhere


Backed up and Managed For You

When you take advantage of the cloud, you will no longer have to worry about performing daily, weekly, or monthly backups. No one will have to be held responsible when someone asks where the backup is after a data crash. The cloud can manage all of your backups for you based on your specifications and demands. Also, you can ensure that your software remains up to date to keep you on the cutting edge and ensure that your servers are running the most up to date virus protection.

Manage all of your backups



Take Advantage Today!

As you can see, there are many strong benefits to taking advantage of the cloud. Not only will your overall operating costs be lower, but all your maintenance, security, and hosting will be managed by someone else so you can worry about what’s important: running your business. Migrating to the cloud may seem like a lot of work, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back. If you’re ready to take advantage of the cloud, or you just want more information, you can learn more at exabytes.sg.