6 Tips for Experincing Kuala Lumpur like a Local

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most exciting destinations in Asia. There is so much to see and do while you are there that it is impossible to get bored. To truly experience the city in all of its glory, it pays to approach the city from the viewpoint of a local resident. The citizens of Kuala Lumpur know the city’s true joys. If you want to have an incredible time during a holiday in Kuala Lumpur, here is a look at the six best ways to experience the city like a local.

1. Experience a Bar in the Sky

If you are a fan of the nightlife, there is no better place to go in Kuala Lumpur than the Heli Lounge Bar. It is a place where you will see mostly locals.


Few tourists are aware of it. Located 35 floors up in one of the city’s ubiquitous high rises, this is the perfect place to sip on a delicious cocktail as you watch one of Kuala Lumpur’s legendary sunsets.

A view from Heli Lounge Bar


2. See the Petronas Twin Towers

The most famous attractions in the city are the Petronas Twin Towers. They are a draw for locals and tourists alike, Featured in many Hollywood movies, these incredible towers will give you an incredible view from the 86th floor observation deck. 79120881687c41f0f1f1547c87b0596c

While you are up there, you can walk on the highest skywalk in the world between the two towers. There is also a lovely park next door that is a great place to reflect on the magnificence of the Petronas Twin Towers.




3. Drive Around and Explore

Citizens of the city are known for their sense of adventure. It you truly want to get into the spirit of a local exploration, get a discount taxi with the MyTeksi promo code and set out without an agenda. Have the driver take you around to see the sites he recommends. You may just want to tell him to drive around to the areas of the city he considers the most beautiful. When you see someplace intriguing, hop out of the taxi and dive into the adventure.




4. Eat like a Local

They say that the people of Kuala Lumpur are already thinking about what they are going to eat for lunch while they are eating breakfast. Food is an obsession in this city. They love all kinds of food, but they are truly proud of their street foods. If you want to sample some of the best street food that Kuala Lumpur has to offer, head to the corner of Jalan Sultan and Chinatown to experience some of the most fantastic Chinese food in the world.

Julan Sultan


China Town


5. See the Sunway Lagoon

Another spot where you will see more locals than tourists is at Sunway Lagoon. Located about 45 minutes from the city centre, this extraordinary place has an ice rink, artificial surf beach and volcano all in one spot.


A trip to Kuala Lumpur is an epic adventure. If you want to truly experience the magic of the city, follow these five tips to experience it like a local. Embrace your sense of adventure, and you will have the holiday of a lifetime.

Ice Rink
Surf Beach