5 Essential Traits Of Law School Applicants

Law school is one of the most ambitious and rewarding academic paths, but it is not for the faint of heart. If you plan to study law in college and obtain a law degree, there are a few things you must consider as minimum qualifications of a law student. Of course, having a quality GPA and top notch testing scores are expected if you want to get into a good school. Here are five successful traits of law school applicants that may prove useful if you are planning to embark on the journey of legal study.


1. Intellectual curiosity

While your GPA and schooling scores will speak for themselves about your pursuit of knowledge, law schools like to see that you have a drive to pursue more than just excellence in grades, such as topics that are related to the field. If you can put work toward a thesis, or have any experience doing research under a professor, these kinds of things will stand out on your application since lawyers spend much of their time researching and analyzing complex scenarios.


Ethics is important for personal and academic careers of a lawyer.


2. Ethics

Lawyers are held to an especially strict moral code, and their ethics are the foundation of their career. One serious blow can lead to disbarment. No law school would want to be associated with such a case. This is why it is important to hold high ethics in both your personal and academic careers, and in your day to day life.


Learn it with passion, don learn it for money!


3. Passion

Having a personal and quality reason you are pursuing law is essential to your application and chances of admittance to the program. Many apply to law school for reasons other than a passion to pursue law, such as being unable to find employment or thinking a law degree will provide them with a high paying salary. Setting yourself apart from this crowd is important, and pinpointing a time in your life when you realized law was meant for you is a place to start.


Remain calm and think clearly even when you are in a situation.


4. Resilience

Lawyers are often up against seemingly impossible odds, and the ability to remain calm and think clearly and positively is a quality that is essential to a lawyer. Admission committees will be looking for those who have faced and overcome significant challenges. Provide examples of these in your admission essays.


Qualities of a leader!


5. Leadership

Lastly, an additional quality that is needed for a law degree is leadership. Law schools highly value this trait, as it entails your ability to organize, communicate, and be assertive. Experience in leadership can be attained through internships, school clubs and activities, and community events. These are the qualities that will make you an excellent law school applicant. Learn more at bac.edu.my.


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