Cleaning Tips for Today’s Busy Households

With households so deeply invested in work and activities outside the home, keeping their domestic environment clean and tidy doesn’t have to be time consuming. Cleaning tips for today’s busy households begins with planning and more dependence on technology. When the wealth of technology abounds that cut cleaning time in half, a simple introduction of a new cleaning devices like the Scooba 390 can mean more free time.


Technology for Today’s Cleaning Plans

Dust is an ever-present problem in most households. Even if a home is air-tight, those tiny dust particles find their way into the air stream and make dust “nests” everywhere. With a robot vacuum rounding up all of the dust particles on a daily basis, this reduces the amount of manual dusting required. It’s like having a cleaning service keep dust at bay. Use high-quality, hi-tech cleaning equipment when and where ever possible. An effective cleaning plan begins with removing dust first. With a robot floor vacuum managing this, dusting other surfaces above the floor level is less frequent.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

The second part of an efficient cleaning plan is to tackle cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces like furniture and ceramic tile surfaces. This is done more conveniently with the use of battery-powered or rechargeable brushes and hand mops. Tile and grout are always a tedious job. Consider using one of these brushes to get into the small crevices a cleaning cloth may miss. To avoid soapy buildup on shower walls and ceramic tile, use a squeegee to remove excess water after every shower. Follow by wiping walls down with a clean sponge or cloth. In the bathroom, consider purchasing faucets with “touch sensors” that require placing a hand beneath it to activate water flow. Even soap dispensers have become more hi-tech. Purchase one with a sensor that dispenses soap without having to touch the spout.

It’s important to keep certain areas of the home sanitized. There are several devices on the market that spray a light mist of disinfectant into a room to reduce germs on furnishings, curtains and carpeting. These devices have sensors that detect movement. They can be programmed to disinfect a room whenever it is unoccupied.

Carpets should be cleaned and sanitized using a professional model carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning solution. Be sure to check the labels for specific instructions on how to clean special carpet fabrics, Oriental and antique rugs. It’s important to read labels to avoid discoloration of carpet fabrics.

To keep curtains and drapes looking fresher longer, give them a regular vacuuming with a hand vacuum. Another method is to place drapes and curtains in the clothes dryer on the “air” cycle to fluff them with fresh air.


Scrub Floors No More – Let Scooba 390 Do It

If there is any cleaning job that’s time consuming, it’s scrubbing floors. Today’s synthetic floors become dull and dingy over time without constant cleaning. Fortunately, the Scooba 390 is a hi-tech device that tackles the job of scrubbing floors like a champ. Scooba sweeps the floor. Then, it pre-soaks and scrubs it. For tougher spots, Scooba uses a squeegee to remove hardened residue. The best feature of a Scooba? It sanitizes by washing away 99% of accumulated bacteria. To use the Scooba, simply fill the tank and press “Clean.” With Scooba’s four-stage process, floors are sparkling clean. Consider purchasing the special hard floor cleaning concentrate for best results. The Scooba is ideal for floors of up to 450 square feet. There’s very little maintenance required. Remove all large objects from the floor before use.