Traveling Malaysia on the Cheap: 3 Tips

Travelling can be a rewarding experience. Although, it can also prove to be quite costly. Saving money where it is possible will make the experience more cost effective as well as fun. Some simple tips are offered to help make visiting friends and family, going on business trips, or simply travelling for leisure easier on the pocket book.

Save on Food 
If the individual wants to cut some corners as well as get a good taste of local fare, they may want to consider visiting shops and marts where they are travelling. Here the individual will find inexpensive local food items that are either easy to prepare or take no preparation at all. This will aid in cutting the costs on food for at least one or two meals a day.

Other savings on food can be acquired through travel agents and booking food costs into a touring package. Many times discounts and coupons for restaurants are also available if the individual is a member of a travel club.

Malaysia TourismSightseeing 
Package tours offer a way to see the main sights without breaking the bank. Many times these tours also include snacks and meals as a part of the touring package. Getting around is a snap because tour buses and vehicles are made available to get to museums and sights.

If the individual cares to go it alone when taking in local sights, they may want to consider renting a bicycle or a scooter to get around. Many times these rentals are done by the day or week, and there is no gas required with a bicycle. This mode of transportation will also allow for a closer look into local lore, cuisine and the countryside.

A Place to Stay 
Hotels and motels can get quite expensive. Especially if the individual is not using a travel sight, using a group deal, or is going to an out of the way location. A travel agent can find the best deals, but they may not always be within a tight budget.

Homestays in Melaka is very affordable on even the tightest of budgets. What is best is that they offer premier lodgings and are very well located throughout city centers and suburban landscapes. If family, friends or business acquaintances are seeking clean, friendly places to stay, then this is the perfect place for long and short term stays.