5 Other Practical Uses for Corrugated Boards

Finding a constant supply of corrugated boards is not difficult. Many grocery stores in the U.S. dispose of tons of corrugated boards each year. Most purchases that people make probably come in corrugated boards that they can save. You can take advantage of the availability of this material because it allows you to save money and prevents the material from ending up in landfills. There are many practical uses for corrugated boards; it always pays to keep some on hand.



Corrugated boards can be useful resources for art and craft projects. You can lay corrugated boards on your workspace to protect the floors and tables from coming in contact with messy materials. Corrugated boards are particularly useful in protecting materials and surfaces from splatter when spray painting. Set the item being spray painted inside corrugated boards to shield other materials and surfaces from splatter.

You can also create various works of arts by painting on large, flat strips of corrugated boards. Cut the board into large, fun shapes, decorate them and hang them on walls. Alternatively, you can put the boards together to make sculptures, models and other types of decorations.


Corrugated board art




Corrugated boards make useful storage materials. They offer cheap storage boxes and are widely available and convenient. Corrugated boxes can be used for drop box organizing in your bedroom, study room or garage. Arrange the cardboard boxes in shelves and label the boxes according to the items that fill them. This will make item retrieval much easier. You can also cut the boards into small pieces and use them as dividers or for storing things upright.


Corrugated Board Storage




Corrugated boards are suitable for making affordable display boards for school projects. Such display boards can make excellent visual aids for classroom projects. Once you finish presenting your project using the visual aids, all you have to do is fold the board nicely and store it in your closet for future presentations. In addition, corrugated boards can be used to design inexpensive props for school plays.


children painted in acrylic on corrugated board




Corrugated boards are sturdy enough and can be used to make furniture. Many creative and innovative people are turning corrugated boards into tables, chairs, beds and other types of furnishings. Such furniture can be used in your living room, college room or kid’s room. When built in the appropriate manner, corrugated board furniture can be quite sturdy.


Corrugated board furniture




Corrugated boards can be used for many gardening functions. You can use it as mulch to discourage the growth of weeds, place them over tender seedlings to protect them from the summer sun and strong winds and shred them into compost bins.

There are many practical uses for corrugated boards. In case you have innovative and creative ideas for using corrugated boards, you can find corrugated boards here.


Corrugated Board Garden