5 Best Foods for All Day Energy

Lasting energy is something that many people strive for in their daily lives. If you have been feeling fatigued during the day, there are many nutrient rich foods to try that will keep you energized. Foods rich in water, protein, complex carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals are all crucial to maintaining a healthy level of energy and activity.



Hydration is the key to staying energized and fighting off fatigue. There have been several studies completed that have claimed even mild dehydration can reduce energy level by a significant percentage. Melons such as watermelon and cantaloupe are made of up to 90% water, so eating these nutrient rich foods is sure to help keep your energy level up.



Walnuts are a good source of melatonin, which is your body’s natural sleep aide. How does a sleep aide increase the amount of energy you have? Well, when you get a good night sleep you are bound to be more energized for longer periods of time the following day. Eating this healthy food will increase the melatonin in your body without the need of a vitamin supplement.


Brown Rice

Not only is brown rice packed with carbohydrates, but it is also a great source of magnesium, which is found in many vitamin supplements (get one at MyLifeInc). Magnesium is important because, without it, your body’s energy metabolism is much lower. Just one cup of cooked brown rice provides a quarter of the daily recommended amount of magnesium for women and a fifth of the recommended amount for men.







It is important to eat a snack every three to four hours to maintain your blood sugar. Sometimes it can be hard to find a snack that will keep you full and is also a healthy mixture of complex carbohydrates and protein. Edamame is the answer! With 16 grams of protein per cup and only 200 calories, this snack will have you re-energized in no time.



This power packed healthy food provides more protein than an egg in just a half of a cup. Lentils are easier to use than beans because they don’t require soaking prior to use. Add these legumes to salads, soups, and veggie burgers for an energy boost that will keep you going for hours after you eat.

In conclusion, these power foods will help keep your energy level up throughout the day. It is important, however, to visit your doctor if you suffer from severe or persistent fatigue that doesn’t resolve itself by changing your diet or lifestyle habits.