4 Tips to Better Bike Rides

Hitting the road with your bicycle is a great way to stay physically active, without having go worry about overcrowded gyms or monotonous exercise routines. And while learning to ride your bike is a personal journey that you’ll expand upon on your own, there are also plenty of tips that seasoned riders can give to their novice comrades. If you are new to the cycling circuit, here are some tips to keep in mind while riding.


Use Interval Training Help You Develop Muscle Strength
When you are first beginning to ride, interval training can do wonders for helping you develop the muscle memory needed to be a better rider. Interval training consists of you setting timed goals for yourself –typically a short sprint followed by a calmer pace – and keep them up at a continual pattern. As you go back and forth from easy to hard, your muscles will adjust and build strength, which will help you increase the amount of time that you can spend at the tougher parts of the interval.


Avoid The Same Routine
If you find a really great trail, you may be eager to ride it frequently and enjoy what it offers. However, it’s important that you switch up your routine in order to keep your body changing and adjusting to different types of terrain. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ride your favorite trail more than once, but you should look to mix it up enough to get a good mix of riding in.


Have The Right Bike
Whether you love hitting the open road or climbing steep mountains, the type of bike that you have will greatly affect the ease and comfort of riding. Therefore, it’s important that you get a bike that is perfect for you and the type of riding you’ll be doing. You can click here for mountain bikes or find a road bike that is best for the type of riding that you’ll be doing.





Be Prepared
There is nothing more frustrating than starting out on a long ride, only to have something happen to your bike once you get going. This can be even more demoralizing if you are miles from home and have no way to get back. To avoid this, be sure that you have an emergency pack with you while riding. This will help you easily fix flat tires or other small problems that you may experience while on the road.

Whether you are just starting out riding or you have been doing so for years, there is always something more to learn about the sport. Be sure to keep the tips mentioned here in your mind before you hope on the saddle and you’ll have a more enjoyable experience while riding.