4 Tips to Get Teaching Jobs at Private Schools

Whether you are just graduating or have been a teacher for many years, you may find yourself drawn to the possibility of leaving the public school system behind for a private institution. Private schools have numerous advantages over their public counterparts, possibly including smaller class sizes, religious affiliation, and the opportunity for professional development. How do you get a private school teaching job? Keep reading!


Present a Polished and Professional Image

The first step in this process is to collect all of your application materials, including your resume or CV, and make certain that they pass muster. If you are seeking a high profile job or intend to apply at prestigious schools (such as Prince of Wales Island International Private School), then it is worth the extra time and money to use a professional resume writer or reviewer for your materials. The initial fee will come back to you once you have that perfect job. For parochial private schools, you may want to have a member of the clergy take a glance at your materials to avoid any red-flags.


Be Willing to Relocate

In a job market that continues to favor the employer, a willingness to relocate can offer additional opportunities and demonstrate commitment; however, managing your teaching credentials can be difficult during an out-of-state or -country move. If you opt to follow opportunity wherever it leads, make sure you research areas thoroughly prior to applying, including cost-of-living. A good salary in Atlanta would hardly pay the bills in Seattle, for example. Always articulate to employers your authentic desire to relocate.


Social Media and Networking

Who you know is important. Your presence in social media, including accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are not just subject to scrutiny, they are also a great way to develop and maintain your professional ties. Two important factors here are to update regularly and don’t be afraid to reach out to other teachers and administrators online. They might surprise you!





Gain Experience First

For teachers just entering the field, you may need to consider getting your first taste of professional experience in a different environment prior to finding a job teaching at a private school. Experience goes a long way in terms of making the cut between applicant and interviewee. While this may not be ideal from the standpoint of accomplishing your goals, it can give you the chance amass classroom success stories that will help you later to land that private school teaching position.