Tips to Help You Save Money While Shopping For Groceries

Grocery shopping is something that everyone has to do on a regular basis. Grocery bills can become a significant portion of your household budget especially when raising a family. Fortunately, there are ways you can start to reduce grocery bills. A few tips will help you to save money while shopping for groceries.


Eat Before Shopping

Shopping on an empty stomach can cause you to make poor decisions. Not eating could lead to confusion, impatience and tiredness. Additionally, not eating will make it easier to grab snacks or other impulse items to eat right away after getting home. Eating first will allow you to make to better choices while grocery shopping.


Eat Before Shopping



Check Unit Prices

The unit price is the amount highlighted in orange on shelf labels under products. This is how much something costs per pound, ounce or liter. The unit price should be used to compare costs. Some items with a low retail price are actually far more expense per pound or ounce than other options.


Price per unit


Look At the Top and Bottom of Shelves

Grocery store retailers place items strategically so that the most expense products are right in front of your eyes. You should look at the top and bottom shelves for items that could be a much better deal. Beer on the bottom rack is usually far less costly than premium brands in the middle.


Grocery Shelf




Consider Generic Brands

The reality is that generic brands are usually identical to name brands. The same companies often make both and just package them differently. You should seriously consider generic or store brands for different products since they cost much less than premium and name brands.


Buy In Bulk When Prices Are Low

If you find an item that is far below the normal price, then it is usually a good idea to buy in bulk. This should be done with items like beer @ RedMart, canned goods or hygiene products that will not go bad in a few days. Although buying in bulk might cost you more up front, it does save a significant amount of money over time.


Bulk buying




Watch the Register during Checkout

A final tip is to be attentive at the register during checkout. It is important to watch the prices of each item that is scanned. The rate of errors during checkout at grocery stores is very high. You should immediately alert the cashier that something is wrong if a price looks incorrect. You should also not be afraid to question the total if it seems off.