4 Tips on How to Write Better Fiction

Writing fiction can be challenging. You may be concerned with character development, plot development, style of writing and other factors. There are fundamentals to focus on when it comes to writing fiction books. Aside from grammar, there are psychological factors that must be considered before going on to write better fiction. Factors vary from self worth issues to technical issues. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to write fiction or have not tried it at all and want to learn, the following tips will help you.



Your personal preferences are important when it comes to writing. If you like being alone and feel that solitude brings out the best in you, prepare a secluded area for yourself. It can be a room or a spot in a diner. You can also choose a better location if you are self-aware and know whether you like constant change or stability. Being drawn to constant change means that you would prefer the spontaneity of going to random places to write. Being drawn to stability means you would appreciate that secluded spot in a restaurant or a room of your own.


fiction Inspiration

Going outdoors or talking to people of different backgrounds can inspire you. Immersing yourself into different activities can help you become more cultured. You will have more sources of inspiration to pull from. Your inspiration will also come from reading fiction from other authors. The more you read, the more information and art you will be exposed to. You will want to create more when you read other peoples’ creations.


Self Concept

Some people tie the things they do to their self worth. if you are one of those people, you will have a hard time improving your writing skills. You will also have a difficult time with character development. Character development actually has a lot to do with how you see yourself. Believe it or not, if there are things you are ashamed of in yourself and would like to hide, you would more likely experience difficulty telling the truth about the characters you have in your stories. Authors tend to live vicariously through their characters one way or the other. Sometimes writers even form characters based on their own self image. If your insecurities do not consume you, you have nothing to worry about. If your self concept is disruptive to your writing, you have to step back and learn how to separate your work from your own belief system.


Beliefs About Work and Skills

Writing fiction requires you to be realistic about the process. Stories are rarely written at a fast pace. Editing takes some time. If you embrace the process and forget about finishing, you are more likely to use all of your brain’s resources to finish your stories with integrity. You are also more likely to add and take away certain parts of your work according to your practical judgement rather than a need to rush through things. Writing fiction is also a skill. Skills take time to learn. You may make a lot of mistakes and experience a lot of rejections before you finally become better. Once you understand this, your path to writing better fiction will be a better one.

Writing fiction is exciting and requires practice. If you become self-disciplined and apply the tips provided, you are on your way to writing better fiction. Being aware of your habits and being pro-active about getting inspiration will assist you in developing your skills faster. You will also be more passionate about what you do as you progress and become better.