Should You Invest In Real Estate in Singapore or Malaysia?

As the economies of Asian nations such as Singapore and Malaysia expand, there are now opportunities to invest in real estate in this part of the world. There are some good reasons to consider such an investment, as the future for this part of the world looks promising. At the same time, it’s always important to thoroughly research any type of investment, especially when it comes to real estate.


Real Estate in Malaysia

Real estate prices in Malaysia have been increasing in recent years, largely due to an influx of foreign investors. Yet compared to many other parts of the world, it’s still possible to find bargains in Malaysia.

The prices of properties in locations such as Kuala Lumpur have grown steadily since the early 2000s. Although the Malaysian economy has been expanding, there is currently a shift towards austerity to reduce national debt. This is a trend that is occurring in many parts of the world. Overall, there is no reason to believe that the Malaysian real estate market will cease growing anytime soon.

The Malaysian government is generally quite pro-business, making it attractive for investors from around the world to invest in real estate. The fact that home prices have steadily increased over the last 10 years also makes it a tempting market for international investors. Real estate in Malaysia then is looking quite promising for the foreseeable future.


Home Buying in Malaysia Infographic



Real Estate in Singapore

Singapore is a prosperous, business friendly nation with a robust economy. It is another Asian country that is currently very appealing to people who are looking for good real estate investments. Singapore is conveniently located and is considered one of the central hubs of Asia.

The Singapore government also goes out of its way to be supportive of business, and encourages both tourism and foreign investment. The absence of currency controls, capital gains taxes and withholding taxes makes the country especially attractive to real estate investors.

Singapore is extremely forward looking, and in recent years there has been quite a bit of construction and development of office building, residential properties, hotels, resorts and other types of properties. The population of this nation is also growing at a steady rate, meaning that there will be an increasing demand for real estate in the future.





Investing in Real Estate in Malaysia and Singapore

This is a good time to consider investing n either Malaysia or Singapore. As Asian economies continue to grow, some of the world’s best real estate opportunities can be found in this part of the world. People who are interested in this possibility should do some research and possibly take a trip to Malaysia or Singapore to get a better idea of what is available. Find out information about investment opportunities in Malaysia.


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