5 Best Food Supplements That Help Reduce Cellulite

Ah, cellulite. Everyone’s least favorite word. Most of us have it, and those of us who do, hate it. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn to love it when there are options. There are plenty of healthy foods and supplements that you can take to reduce cellulite, and we’re going to share some of the most common ones with you. You’ll feel great once you’ve been remove that stubborn cellulite and look exactly the way you want to look!







1 Vegetables

Your doctor wasn’t kidding when they said vegetables were good for you! Vegetables of all kinds are alkaline, which means they attach themselves to acidic toxins in your cells, flushing them out of your body. The key with introducing more vegetables into your diet is bringing them in gradually. If you go too quickly, they will magnetize out more toxicity than your body is ready to remove, and those toxins will just re-settle inside your body again. Working them slowly into your diet, however, helps your body adjust to this new habit of flushing out toxins. Vegetable juicing is especially good for this. If you’re serious about reducing your cellulite, buy a juicer!




2 Whole Grains

Swap out your white pasta and rice for brown. Their slow release of energy keeps your appetite satisfied longer, which helps with weight loss in general, but they’re also very high in antioxidants. They’ll work with those vegetables to kick toxins out of the body. One bowl a day of whole grains can make all the difference in how you feel.


3 Green Tea

There have been all sorts of studies showing the healthy effects of green tea. It inhibits fat absorption, helps keep your glucose levels regulated, and can even speed up your metabolism. One of its ingredients is theobramine, which helps stimulate stored fat release. All that pesky fat your body is stubbornly holding onto? The theobramine and the caffeine in the green tea can convince it to let go. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, make the switch to green tea. Aim for three to five cups a day.


4 Water

It may seem simple, but one of the most basic ways to flush toxins and cellulite out of your system is to drink more water. With soft drinks and alcohol a more common go-to beverage, most people are getting more toxins from their drinks than they’re flushing out. Water intake recommendation is around eight glasses a day. If you’re not drinking at least that, get yourself one of those large water bottles and keep it filled!


5 Flax Seed

While most of the other items on this list flush toxins out of the body, flax seed does even more: It boosts your collagen growth. This strengthens the skin and can make cellulite appear less obvious, so you’ll look great. It’s also great for preventing cellulite growth in the first place. This supplement is easy to sprinkle on yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal at breakfast. You can also eat the seeds by themselves.


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