Chinese Herbs That Are Good For Fertility

The Chinese believe that the body is balanced in definite ways that affect the general well being of a person. Hormonal balance and proper functioning of the ovaries can be restored with the proper use of Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs can increase the likelihood of conception and help you maintain proper overall health. All that is required is for a person to make simple alterations to their lifestyles and it will then become possible for almost anyone to conceive. Chinese herbs aim at creating a sound body in which a healthy baby can be given life.

Chinese herbs do not work overnight and it may take as long as four months before the desired results will become evident. In fact, a basic function that Chinese herbs perform is to facilitate fertility by providing the right kind of nourishment to the body so that it is able to strengthen its reproductive system. By consuming Chinese herbs you can expect to get more sleep, which of course plays an important role in helping the digestive system work well and you will also achieve a sharper focus mentally. In addition, you will also feel more energetic. Chinese herbs also help in providing the right hormonal balance to the body, which in turn will help to make the fertility-related organs become stronger. In fact, it also helps improve your sexual vitality and you will also start to have heightened sexual experiences with your better half – all of which are major factors that help in improving your fertility.

Some of these Chinese herbs include the following:
EPO or evening primrose oil is the favorite of many couples. It has an important effect in the production of the cervical fluid. This fluid is instrumental in the movement of the sperm towards the fallopian tubes where fertilization occurs. EPO aids women who experience dryness and lack the right amount of cervical fluid.


Evening Primrose Oil
Flaxseed oil is another fertility herb to consider. This is for men who aim to be more fertile as this allows for healthier sperm cells. In women, this promotes uterine function which in return helps to address fertility problems.


Flaxseed Oil
Dong Quai is a Chinese fertility herb that helps to increase the chances for implantation. It makes it possible by maintaining the balance of estrogen in the body. This herb must be used only during ovulation and menstruation.


Dong Guai Root


The Chaste Tree Berry or the Vitex is another fertility herb that helps in producing female sex hormones. It regulates the production of female sex hormones. When taken regularly, this enhances fertility.


Chaste Tree Berries


Wild yam is meant for women who have short luteal phases. This increases progesterone production. This must be taken only after ovulation as this might prevent it to take place when taken before.


Wild Yam



In conclusion, Chinese herbs have proved to play a vital role in fertility and the entire medical field in whole. You should find out more on TCM fertility treatments in Singapore if you are interested in improving your fertility.