What You Should Be Looking For in a Web Hosting Service

When it comes to web hosting services, it can be difficult to find a company that is worth spending one’s money on. So many web hosts claim to provide rapid, high quality, and reliable hosting options, but logic indicates that this cannot be true. Fortunately, knowing what to look for is half the battle. If that can be figured out and put into action, the search for a quality hosting service becomes that much easier. Here are three things to look for when next seeking a web hosting solution.


1. Customer reviews

Even with all of the millions of companies trying to make a dollar on the Internet, the truth of the matter is that people trust people more than machines. A company with good reviews will last longer than a company with no reviews or a company with poor reviews. As a result, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, go with what works: look for reviews of the web host one is interested in and read them thoroughly.

Of course, there is the possibility that there are very good companies out there that just happen to have very few reviews. They might be well kept secrets in the industry. However, in all likelihood, a company that does good work will not stay secret for long, which means they will soon have reviews. Alternatively, look to one’s personal contacts to see which web hosts fellow colleagues in the industry use, and ask them why they use them. The answers will be helpful in guiding one toward one’s web host.


2. A Clear TOS

The terms of service describe exactly what a company is and is not willing to do to retain its customer base. It is important to read, as it will be the fall back when it comes to figuring out what one can expect from a web host when conflicts and disputes inevitably arise.

Too many businesses skim over or completely ignore the terms of service of their web hosts when signing up with them, only to regret it profoundly later on when they are in need of support or have questions regarding how their service is or is not being delivered (also see Dedicated Server Tips for Businesses and Gaming Groups). Rather than make that mistake, read the TOS ahead of time and make sure that the terms are ones that one can live with for the length of the agreement. It will save a lot of headaches later on.


3. Quality customer service

Finally, good customer service is paramount. It really can make the difference between a successful company and a floundering one. After all, if one is selling widgets through the Internet but has a site that is down half of the time, one is not going to sell very many widgets. It is essential to work with a web hosting service (refer Gigabit) that does what it says it will do and that stands by the services it provides.

Of course, not everything is going to work perfectly all the time, but a service that offers quality customer support will be likely to stand with one in the long run, which is important for long term success.