General Singapore Taxi Fares From Airport

Getting around in Singapore can be made simple with taxi services. The cost of taking a taxi from the airport into the city varies based on a number of factors, including the distance traveled and the specific services rendered. Here is some information on taxi costs from the airport to Singapore city.


Basic Taxi Cost

All taxis in Singapore are metered. If the taxi is not running on the meter, a passenger should insist that the meter be turned on. Usually this is not a problem, as taxi drivers in Singapore are very honest. The cost is then calculated based on the number of meters traveled. An example fare in the city is $0.20 for every 400 meters traveled. In addition, the passenger pays for time spent sitting in traffic or at red lights. The normal charge is $0.20 for every 45 seconds of waiting time.


Additional Charges

Flag down rates vary by the type of taxi. More expensive taxis, such as limo taxis, will obviously be more expensive to flag down. The flag down cost varies between $3 and $5. Passengers getting picked up at the airport will be expected to pay an additional surcharge of $5. The same charge may apply for passengers traveling back to the airport; this is up to the discretion of the driver.

Passengers who want to reserve a taxi can do so in advance. These passengers will acquire an additional fee of around $5. The benefit of this service is that passengers don’t need to wait in line at the taxi stand at the airport. It is also possible to book transfers from the airport for an additional fee.

For passengers who will be traveling late at night or early in the morning, additional fees apply. The rate per meter is higher; passengers can expect to pay an additional 50% of the daytime cab fare. When traveling at night, passengers should also be sure to note the license plate number and credentials of the driver to ensure their own safety.


Distance from the Airport

An obvious factor in the total cost is the distance of the hotel from the airport. There are many desirable areas in the city for tourists, all at varying distances from the airport. Some of the closest tourist areas to the airport include the Chinatown area and Little India. More budget guesthouses are often located in these areas. Many of the nicer areas are clustered in the harbor areas such as Marina Bay and Harbourview. These areas are much further from the airport, so passengers traveling to these areas will have a higher taxi fare.

In summary, the fare from Singapore’s Changi airport to the city itself varies greatly. Those staying close to the airport may pay no more than $10, while those staying further away can incur a taxi fare of $20 or more. This is why it’s best to check the location of the hotel and choose one that’s easily accessible from the airport. Click here to check taxi fares.

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