Planning Your Botox Treatments – How Long Do They Last?

Facial wrinkles are not pretty. Unfortunately, it is possible to begin developing light creases in the skin as early as when a person enters their 20s. Heredity plays a major role in a person’s propensity for wrinkling skin; however, lifestyle choices can hasten or delay the formation of unsightly furrows as well. Moreover, studies show that wrinkles can influence people’s perception of themselves and they may affect depression.



Since the early 1990s, a prescriptive injection called Botox has been gaining popularity with patients who want to reduce or eliminate lines on their face. Botox treatments, sometimes performed during the client’s lunch hour, involve relatively painless shots of this cosmetic medication. These injections go into the muscle that is directly below the wrinkled area. The reaction is immobility to the muscle that causes the creasing. When people grimace, laugh or even pucker for a kiss their involuntary facial muscles move, which causes the skin to crease. Over time, these creases start to become permanent.

After the first Botox treatment, it takes about seven days to see good results and for the bruising to subside. Creases and lines should appear softened or erased, and these effects can last between four and eight months. Much depends on the individual and the skill of the doctor who performs the injections. Therefore, only board-certified doctors should administer Botox and only in an office setting.

Once the wrinkles begin to reappear, most doctors recommend follow-up treatments. After that, successive applications are required approximately twice per year, depending on the individual. Eventually, the need for these renewal appointments becomes less often, because the muscles will begin to retrain themselves to become less mobile.

Additionally, once the primary effects of the Botox treatment wear off, several layers of skin enjoy regeneration and appear almost wrinkle-free. Again, individuals experience varying results, but overall are quite pleased with their more youthful appearance. Hence, Botox is continuing to grow in popularity, which is especially true in the United States.

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