Understanding Cataracts With Clinics in Singapore

Cataracts affect the vision when the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy. There are several causes of cataracts ranging from the natural aging process to eye injuries. Diseases such as diabetes and long-term use of certain medicines can also create cataracts. Cataracts make everyday life difficult because of the visual impairment that is associated with them. Common difficulties include driving, reading, and problems with glare from bright lights. The quality of life of those who suffer from cataracts is greatly diminished on a day-to-day basis. A visual acuity test is often used to determine the severity of the cataract formation within the eye. This test requires the patient to identify characters on a chart. A complete eye exam is done to help diagnosis the formation of cataracts.

There are several treatments available for cataracts depending upon the severity of the problem. Surgery is often required to correct vision and has an extremely good success rate. Post-operative care is short allowing the patient to resume normal activities within a few days. Eye shields are recommended at night to protect the eye for a few days after surgery. Information on cataracts and surgery options is available at http://www.lasiksurgery.sg/cataract.php along with information on clinics in Singapore. This site is designed to inform patients about the treatment options that are offered and aid in the decision making process. Having access to proper eye care is an important step to a healthy life. Knowing what to expect at an eye exam and the corrective treatment options decreases the stress involved.

Understanding cataracts and the causes is helpful to those looking for preventive measures as well as those looking for a corrective procedure. It is important to be aware of any symptoms of cataracts including foggy, filmy, blurry, or cloudy vision. Double vision is also a symptom of cataracts. When quality of life has been impaired it is time to seek medical attention. There are suggested preventative measures that encourage good eye health. Reducing the risk factors that lead to cataracts offers possible benefits. Wearing ultraviolet eye ware and not smoking are two areas that have been explored. Living a healthy lifestyle is always beneficial to overall good health. Cataracts are a part of life for many individuals and knowing the surgical options is the first step to a complete recovery.