Multiple Uses of a GPS

Multiple uses of a GPS allow the unit to serve as portable entertainment and a car tracker. Global positioning systems (GPS) do more than just help lost drivers. Asset tracking helps people monitor priceless treasures.

How GPS Works
GPS tracking occurs when devices receive signals from 30 satellites located in the Earth’s atmosphere. Originally, the system helped military vehicles move covertly from one location to another. According to physics experts, four satellites calculate individual positioning signals at any given time. Navigational systems, cellular phones and other portable electronic devices use GPS technology.

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Navigational Applications
Automotive GPS assists with driver navigation between two points. After receiving starting and end information, the device calculates the fastest driving route. Many units provide information on local dining facilities and accommodations.

Portable Entertainment System
Automotive units also offer entertainment features. Some offer secured digital (SD) card, digital video disc (DVD) or compact disc (CD) playback while others link to other mobile devices like phones and computers using universal serial bus (USB) cables. Passengers can enjoy movies and music during longer car trips without additional hassle.

Many automotive GPS devices offer the ease of hands-free calling through Bluetooth connectivity. Local laws vary regarding driving and cell phone use. Speakerphone capabilities make it easier to keep in touch while navigating busy streets. In most cases, navigational prompts are audible during the call to minimize the likelihood of missing an exit or turn.

Anti-Theft Device
Asset tracking companies serve a duel purpose. They constantly monitor vehicle locations using GPS signals. The service expedites vehicle recovery when theft occurs and reduces the amount of time theft by company employees.

People Locator
Recent events have many parents inquiring about a GPS tracker for kids. Easy, inexpensive options include enrolling in cellular provider plans that monitor the location of each device. Amber Alert GPS allows parents to monitor a child’s location based on signals emitted from a receiver placed discretely in a backpack or jacket.

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GPS has a wide range of uses. The feature helps drivers quickly reach their destination and eases parental worries when children leave the house. Constantly evolving technology allows many devices to multitask and reduce user clutter.

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