Become a Private Investigator and Be Your Own Boss

Private investigators have a myriad of job opportunities in the field of investigations. Although most investigators have some college credits, a lot of their training is on-the-job training. Frequently, retired police, correctional officers or security guards will move into this area of employment. Some choose to work for another detective agency, while others open their own business with the proper licensing. Since domestic and foreign terrorism became a top priority, private investigation services has grown exponentially over the years.

Licensed investigators must have good communication skills, problem-solving skills and be very resourceful to gain useful information many times.

Many private detective services involve working with matrimonial and infidelity investigations. In the case of divorce, many spouses will hire an investigator to catch a cheating spouse. Although private investigator costs can accumulate quickly when surveillance services are needed, it is often worth the price in a divorce settlement.

Some private detective companies will specialize in cases such as child investigations to make sure children are not getting involved in the wrong crowds. Other common investigations include Internet dating. This can sometimes be risky and people will use a private detective company to investigate potential dates. Employers will often use private investigators for background checks before hiring a potential employee. The private investigator cost in these fields is of course, much less than a detective agency hired for jobs such as loss prevention in big companies or working for insurance companies. These types of jobs often do require a college background in criminal justice and political science.

Corporate investigators need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance and business for the type of investigative work they do for a company. They will investigate corporate fraud or insurance fraud for many companies.

Workman Compensation insurance companies keep a regular staff of investigators looking for employees who file false worker compensation cases claiming injuries on their job.

Computer forensic investigators must have a bachelor’s degree in areas such as computer science or criminal justice. Good computer skills and investigative skills are a must, along with extensive training many times.

For the average private investigator, they tend to love their work because each day brings challenges and variety to their job. Whether a detective is trying to catch a cheating spouse or on a missing person case, this is a rewarding career. Private detective services are expected to continue on an upward trend with good wages.

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