Useful Phrases for Letter Writing for IELTS


As you probably know writing a letter is the first task for the writing section of your IELTS. What’s incredibly practical is to have a mind bank of various phrases that can be used for any letter regardless of topic. So I’ve brainstormed and come up with some useful expressions worth memorizing!

• I am writing this letter to (inform you about/ enquire about/ request/ apologize/ confirm)
• I am contacting you for the following reason
• I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter
• Could you possibly (tell me about/ inform me of)
• I am delighted to inform you that
• I regret to inform you that
• I am writing to (express my dissatisfaction with/ complain about)
• I would like to apologize for
• My sincerest apologies
• I regret any inconvenience caused
• Thank you for taking this into consideration
• I really appreciate your (understanding/ time/ patience)

The phrases above deal with the body of the letter. For any letter format you need to remember to address the recipient. Always start your letter with ‘Dear’ followed by the person’s name. Ending a letter in the correct format is just as important to the overall structure. Sign off your letter with a ‘Sincerely’, ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Yours Faithfully’ followed by your name.





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Should You Invest In Real Estate in Singapore or Malaysia?

Singapore Malaysia

As the economies of Asian nations such as Singapore and Malaysia expand, there are now opportunities to invest in real estate in this part of the world. There are some good reasons to consider such an investment, as the future for this part of the world looks promising. At the same time, it’s always important to thoroughly research any type of investment, especially when it comes to real estate.


Real Estate in Malaysia

Real estate prices in Malaysia have been increasing in recent years, largely due to an influx of foreign investors. Yet compared to many other parts of the world, it’s still possible to find bargains in Malaysia.

The prices of properties in locations such as Kuala Lumpur have grown steadily since the early 2000s. Although the Malaysian economy has been expanding, there is currently a shift towards austerity to reduce national debt. This is a trend that is occurring in many parts of the world. Overall, there is no reason to believe that the Malaysian real estate market will cease growing anytime soon.

The Malaysian government is generally quite pro-business, making it attractive for investors from around the world to invest in real estate. The fact that home prices have steadily increased over the last 10 years also makes it a tempting market for international investors. Real estate in Malaysia then is looking quite promising for the foreseeable future.


Home Buying in Malaysia Infographic



Real Estate in Singapore

Singapore is a prosperous, business friendly nation with a robust economy. It is another Asian country that is currently very appealing to people who are looking for good real estate investments. Singapore is conveniently located and is considered one of the central hubs of Asia.

The Singapore government also goes out of its way to be supportive of business, and encourages both tourism and foreign investment. The absence of currency controls, capital gains taxes and withholding taxes makes the country especially attractive to real estate investors.

Singapore is extremely forward looking, and in recent years there has been quite a bit of construction and development of office building, residential properties, hotels, resorts and other types of properties. The population of this nation is also growing at a steady rate, meaning that there will be an increasing demand for real estate in the future.





Investing in Real Estate in Malaysia and Singapore

This is a good time to consider investing n either Malaysia or Singapore. As Asian economies continue to grow, some of the world’s best real estate opportunities can be found in this part of the world. People who are interested in this possibility should do some research and possibly take a trip to Malaysia or Singapore to get a better idea of what is available. Find out information about investment opportunities in Malaysia.


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5 Best Food Supplements That Help Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite removal

Ah, cellulite. Everyone’s least favorite word. Most of us have it, and those of us who do, hate it. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn to love it when there are options. There are plenty of healthy foods and supplements that you can take to reduce cellulite, and we’re going to share some of the most common ones with you. You’ll feel great once you’ve been remove that stubborn cellulite and look exactly the way you want to look!







1 Vegetables

Your doctor wasn’t kidding when they said vegetables were good for you! Vegetables of all kinds are alkaline, which means they attach themselves to acidic toxins in your cells, flushing them out of your body. The key with introducing more vegetables into your diet is bringing them in gradually. If you go too quickly, they will magnetize out more toxicity than your body is ready to remove, and those toxins will just re-settle inside your body again. Working them slowly into your diet, however, helps your body adjust to this new habit of flushing out toxins. Vegetable juicing is especially good for this. If you’re serious about reducing your cellulite, buy a juicer!




2 Whole Grains

Swap out your white pasta and rice for brown. Their slow release of energy keeps your appetite satisfied longer, which helps with weight loss in general, but they’re also very high in antioxidants. They’ll work with those vegetables to kick toxins out of the body. One bowl a day of whole grains can make all the difference in how you feel.


3 Green Tea

There have been all sorts of studies showing the healthy effects of green tea. It inhibits fat absorption, helps keep your glucose levels regulated, and can even speed up your metabolism. One of its ingredients is theobramine, which helps stimulate stored fat release. All that pesky fat your body is stubbornly holding onto? The theobramine and the caffeine in the green tea can convince it to let go. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, make the switch to green tea. Aim for three to five cups a day.


4 Water

It may seem simple, but one of the most basic ways to flush toxins and cellulite out of your system is to drink more water. With soft drinks and alcohol a more common go-to beverage, most people are getting more toxins from their drinks than they’re flushing out. Water intake recommendation is around eight glasses a day. If you’re not drinking at least that, get yourself one of those large water bottles and keep it filled!


5 Flax Seed

While most of the other items on this list flush toxins out of the body, flax seed does even more: It boosts your collagen growth. This strengthens the skin and can make cellulite appear less obvious, so you’ll look great. It’s also great for preventing cellulite growth in the first place. This supplement is easy to sprinkle on yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal at breakfast. You can also eat the seeds by themselves.


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How To Create A Resort-Like Bedroom

Chic Bedroom light

The best way to create a resort-like bedroom is to pay attention to every detail. Resorts have quality furniture and nice decorations. Resorts bedrooms look inviting and relaxing. If you want to have a luxurious looking room start off by purchasing bedroom furniture from Ethnicraft Singapore. You can buy one piece of furniture or an entire bedroom set that will help turn any ordinary room into a luxurious retreat.

When you purchase handmade and superior quality furniture, you are choosing to have a beautiful bedroom that will look good now and in the future. Items that are well-made will last for a long time. You want to start off by finding the perfect bed for your room since it will be the focal point. You can choose from many unique bed designs depending on your sense of style. You want to choose a bed that you will enjoy sleeping on every night.


resort like bed

You want to pick out a furniture collection that you can be proud of. Be sure to purchase a dresser, chest of drawers, shoe rack, and possibly a mirror to complete your bedroom furniture set. Teak wood is a popular choice of bedroom furniture material. This type of wood looks good and is meant to last for generations.


Bedroom furniture

Once you have the furniture picked out, you should begin adding those small details that will bring the room together. Choose a nice paint color for your walls. You can paint your room a neutral color or go for a bold color depending on what you like. You may want to have white trim with beach blue walls or go for any other color theme that suits your unique needs.


Fabric Bedroom

Add some beautiful pictures to your bedroom to help give it a personality of its own. You can have fun choosing pictures that look good and will match well with your decor. You can add as many pictures as you want to the walls.


Bedroom pictures

Be sure to have nice lighting. You may want to have a ceiling fan light in your bedroom, or you may want to have a gorgeous chandelier. There are many types of ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to choose from. The right lighting can be functional and decorative.


Chic Bedroom light
Be sure to complete your resort-like bedroom look with curtains, a nice comforter for your bed, and fluffy pillows. You also want to make sure that you have a good quality mattress so that you sleep like you are in a five star resort every night too. Once you have these essentials, you can enjoy having a room that people would pay to stay in.


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Chinese Herbs That Are Good For Fertility


The Chinese believe that the body is balanced in definite ways that affect the general well being of a person. Hormonal balance and proper functioning of the ovaries can be restored with the proper use of Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs can increase the likelihood of conception and help you maintain proper overall health. All that is required is for a person to make simple alterations to their lifestyles and it will then become possible for almost anyone to conceive. Chinese herbs aim at creating a sound body in which a healthy baby can be given life.

Chinese herbs do not work overnight and it may take as long as four months before the desired results will become evident. In fact, a basic function that Chinese herbs perform is to facilitate fertility by providing the right kind of nourishment to the body so that it is able to strengthen its reproductive system. By consuming Chinese herbs you can expect to get more sleep, which of course plays an important role in helping the digestive system work well and you will also achieve a sharper focus mentally. In addition, you will also feel more energetic. Chinese herbs also help in providing the right hormonal balance to the body, which in turn will help to make the fertility-related organs become stronger. In fact, it also helps improve your sexual vitality and you will also start to have heightened sexual experiences with your better half – all of which are major factors that help in improving your fertility.

Some of these Chinese herbs include the following:
EPO or evening primrose oil is the favorite of many couples. It has an important effect in the production of the cervical fluid. This fluid is instrumental in the movement of the sperm towards the fallopian tubes where fertilization occurs. EPO aids women who experience dryness and lack the right amount of cervical fluid.


Evening Primrose Oil
Flaxseed oil is another fertility herb to consider. This is for men who aim to be more fertile as this allows for healthier sperm cells. In women, this promotes uterine function which in return helps to address fertility problems.


Flaxseed Oil
Dong Quai is a Chinese fertility herb that helps to increase the chances for implantation. It makes it possible by maintaining the balance of estrogen in the body. This herb must be used only during ovulation and menstruation.


Dong Guai Root


The Chaste Tree Berry or the Vitex is another fertility herb that helps in producing female sex hormones. It regulates the production of female sex hormones. When taken regularly, this enhances fertility.


Chaste Tree Berries


Wild yam is meant for women who have short luteal phases. This increases progesterone production. This must be taken only after ovulation as this might prevent it to take place when taken before.


Wild Yam



In conclusion, Chinese herbs have proved to play a vital role in fertility and the entire medical field in whole. You should find out more on TCM fertility treatments in Singapore if you are interested in improving your fertility.

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Why IPL Treatments Are Not Suitable For Those With Darker Skin

IPL is becoming one of the most commonly used treatments for the correction of skin problems. However, IPL may not work for everyone, and it is best for lighter skin. Read on to find out more about whether IPL is right for your skin tone.


What is an IPL treatment?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a laser treatment that can correct many aesthetic problems on the skin. It is a popular treatment for varicose veins to reduce the appearance of blue lines on the legs. Another major use of this procedure is to remove sun spots that are caused by prolonged time in the sun. In theory, IPL can be used to reduce the appearance of other blemishes and marks on the surface of the skin as well.

Some users choose IPL treatments to stimulate collagen production in the skin. With IPL, pores may tighten or become more even. This can give worn faces a more rejuvenated look. For some individuals, IPL can serve a number of uses to completely renew the surface of the skin after years of damage.


How does IPL Work?

IPL uses intense light that goes just beneath the surface of the skin. As the light penetrates the skin, it damages certain structures within the skin such as melanin and capillaries under the skin’s surface. After the damage, the skin repairs itself. The idea is that after the procedure, the skin will repair itself to a better condition than it was in before the treatment. Skin tone may become more even, and the appearance of blemishes or varicose veins will improve as the structures under the skin improve themselves. IPL treatments have been very effective at correcting problems on the surface of the skin and also improving the health of tissue underneath the skin.


Can Anyone Use IPL?

IPL is best used on individuals with moderate to light skin tones. Darker skinned individuals need to be careful when choosing IPL. In some cases, the IPL treatments on very dark skin tones can have unintended consequences, such as hyper pigmentation or blotches?


What Happens to Dark Skin during an IPL Procedure?

Dark skin is a concern during an IPL procedure. This is because the concentration of melanin in dark skin is much different than the concentration in lighter skin tones. Attempting to damage the melanin in the skin for a dark person may have negative consequences. It is much more difficult to penetrate and evenly destroy the much higher content of melanin in the skin.

Since darker skinned individuals naturally produce a lot of melanin in their skin, when the skin comes in to repair itself, the body sometimes kicks into overdrive and produces an extreme quantity of melanin. This can lead to hyper pigmentation, which means that the skin will actually get much darker rather than lighter and more even. This hyper pigmentation can happen unevenly, leaving the skin with patches of smooth and even skin alternating with patches of very dark and hyper pigmented skin. You can contact Yun Nam Hair Care Review regarding this topic.


What are the Alternatives to IPL for Dark Skin?

Sometimes, special equipment can be used to deliver a more thorough IPL procedure to the skin. However, the treatment still poses more risks to darker skinned individuals. A second option is to forgo IPL and seek out the consultancy of an aesthetic doctor. These doctors can help you create a regimen for improving the appearance of blemishes on your skin, without the use of potentially harmful IPL treatments. IPL is one option out of several, and those with darker skin tones still have options for improving their skin quality.


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3 Essential Tips To Buying Furniture Online

Chest Drawer for Kid

Purchasing new furniture can be an excellent way for a person to add a new focal point to a room or to help improve the functions of a space. From living room furniture that can add a comfortable place to sit to a new bed frame that helps complete a bedroom, there are several things a shopper needs to keep in mind as they compare furniture available online.


Insisting on Quality Craftsmanship

While low prices can be tempting for shoppers when faced with a large selection of furniture for sale like this, it’s recommended that an individual takes into consideration the craftsmanship that was involved with the assembly of the piece of furniture for sale. Hardwood and metal pieces can stand out among the variety of pieces of furniture available, along with limiting the search to pieces of furniture that were crafted locally.


Craftmanship Furniture




Considering the Unique Styles Available

From modern pieces of furniture that can stand out when placed in a room to traditional pieces that can be quite inviting and welcoming in a home, there are several styles that a shopper should consider before making their purchase. A lot of shoppers make the assumption that it will be quite easy to select a piece of furniture that they find online based on how it appears in photographs. By taking into consideration the existing pieces of furniture and the decorations in a home, a shopper should have a much easier time choosing furniture that is available online.



Beautiful Leaf Shaped Dining Table

Beautiful Leaf Shaped Dining Table

Carrot Shape Chest Drawer For Kid

Carrot Shape Chest Drawer For Kid


Pom Pom Chair

Pom Pom Chair




Measurements for Furniture Bought Online

Shopping online has numerous benefits, some including limiting a search to only affordable pieces that are within an individuals budget and seeing multiple photographs of different pieces of furniture. In order for an individual to choose new furniture that can help add all the features that they’re interested in, it’s recommended to take accurate measurements of the size of their home so that they’re able to end up with new furniture that is able to be set up without any issues.


Furniture Specification


With so many differences in the selection of furniture available online, it’s up to an individual to take into consideration the size of furniture that they’ll need and the quality craftsmanship that they’re interested in. An individual should choose a store with a large selection of furniture that varies in styles and sizes so that they can easily be matched with a new piece of furniture that will help add all of the features that they’re interested in for their home.

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What You Should Be Looking For in a Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting tb

When it comes to web hosting services, it can be difficult to find a company that is worth spending one’s money on. So many web hosts claim to provide rapid, high quality, and reliable hosting options, but logic indicates that this cannot be true. Fortunately, knowing what to look for is half the battle. If that can be figured out and put into action, the search for a quality hosting service becomes that much easier. Here are three things to look for when next seeking a web hosting solution.


1. Customer reviews

Even with all of the millions of companies trying to make a dollar on the Internet, the truth of the matter is that people trust people more than machines. A company with good reviews will last longer than a company with no reviews or a company with poor reviews. As a result, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, go with what works: look for reviews of the web host one is interested in and read them thoroughly.

Of course, there is the possibility that there are very good companies out there that just happen to have very few reviews. They might be well kept secrets in the industry. However, in all likelihood, a company that does good work will not stay secret for long, which means they will soon have reviews. Alternatively, look to one’s personal contacts to see which web hosts fellow colleagues in the industry use, and ask them why they use them. The answers will be helpful in guiding one toward one’s web host.


2. A Clear TOS

The terms of service describe exactly what a company is and is not willing to do to retain its customer base. It is important to read, as it will be the fall back when it comes to figuring out what one can expect from a web host when conflicts and disputes inevitably arise.

Too many businesses skim over or completely ignore the terms of service of their web hosts when signing up with them, only to regret it profoundly later on when they are in need of support or have questions regarding how their service is or is not being delivered (also see Dedicated Server Tips for Businesses and Gaming Groups). Rather than make that mistake, read the TOS ahead of time and make sure that the terms are ones that one can live with for the length of the agreement. It will save a lot of headaches later on.


3. Quality customer service

Finally, good customer service is paramount. It really can make the difference between a successful company and a floundering one. After all, if one is selling widgets through the Internet but has a site that is down half of the time, one is not going to sell very many widgets. It is essential to work with a web hosting service (refer Gigabit) that does what it says it will do and that stands by the services it provides.

Of course, not everything is going to work perfectly all the time, but a service that offers quality customer support will be likely to stand with one in the long run, which is important for long term success.

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General Singapore Taxi Fares From Airport

Getting around in Singapore can be made simple with taxi services. The cost of taking a taxi from the airport into the city varies based on a number of factors, including the distance traveled and the specific services rendered. Here is some information on taxi costs from the airport to Singapore city.


Basic Taxi Cost

All taxis in Singapore are metered. If the taxi is not running on the meter, a passenger should insist that the meter be turned on. Usually this is not a problem, as taxi drivers in Singapore are very honest. The cost is then calculated based on the number of meters traveled. An example fare in the city is $0.20 for every 400 meters traveled. In addition, the passenger pays for time spent sitting in traffic or at red lights. The normal charge is $0.20 for every 45 seconds of waiting time.


Additional Charges

Flag down rates vary by the type of taxi. More expensive taxis, such as limo taxis, will obviously be more expensive to flag down. The flag down cost varies between $3 and $5. Passengers getting picked up at the airport will be expected to pay an additional surcharge of $5. The same charge may apply for passengers traveling back to the airport; this is up to the discretion of the driver.

Passengers who want to reserve a taxi can do so in advance. These passengers will acquire an additional fee of around $5. The benefit of this service is that passengers don’t need to wait in line at the taxi stand at the airport. It is also possible to book transfers from the airport for an additional fee.

For passengers who will be traveling late at night or early in the morning, additional fees apply. The rate per meter is higher; passengers can expect to pay an additional 50% of the daytime cab fare. When traveling at night, passengers should also be sure to note the license plate number and credentials of the driver to ensure their own safety.


Distance from the Airport

An obvious factor in the total cost is the distance of the hotel from the airport. There are many desirable areas in the city for tourists, all at varying distances from the airport. Some of the closest tourist areas to the airport include the Chinatown area and Little India. More budget guesthouses are often located in these areas. Many of the nicer areas are clustered in the harbor areas such as Marina Bay and Harbourview. These areas are much further from the airport, so passengers traveling to these areas will have a higher taxi fare.

In summary, the fare from Singapore’s Changi airport to the city itself varies greatly. Those staying close to the airport may pay no more than $10, while those staying further away can incur a taxi fare of $20 or more. This is why it’s best to check the location of the hotel and choose one that’s easily accessible from the airport. Click here to check taxi fares.

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Advice for Children Entering a New School Abroad

Sometimes it makes sense for a child to enter school in a new country. The family may have moved, or they may choose to send a child alone for the purpose of seeking a better education for the child. No matter what is the source of the relocation, there are several pieces of advice to help a child succeed at a new school abroad (see How Boarding Schools Contribute to a Student’s Development).


Be Prepared for Change

A child that is put out of her comfort zone may feel overwhelmed. She may not have an easy time making new friends in the country, because she won’t be used to the feeling of isolation that can come from being in a new place without close friends. A bit of preparation goes a long way in making a child ready for school abroad.

Talking with the child about what he might feel or think in the new place will help the child prepare for a new life. He should know what kinds of cultural differences he can expect. He should know how other children might perceive him in the new country and how he can help himself make friends. And, he should be allowed to try and make new friends and test out his social skills in a controlled and supported new social setting close to home. This will help him to adapt much better once he is abroad.


Learn the Local Language

Even if the new school will be taught in English, a child should know some of the language before he or she enters school in a new country. This will help the child overcome feelings of being isolated or put into an unknown situation. Even a little bit of a common language will help the child bond with his or her peers in the new country. Children pick up new languages quickly, especially when they are very young, and so a language immersion might help a child pick up a valuable new school.


Keep in Touch with Home

Another thing that will help a child’s experience of living abroad is to stay connected with the people and things from home. Remembering her past will help the child to feel more connected, both to home and to her new environment. Having people to talk to from home can help her cope with new situations when she is feeling overwhelmed.

Parents can help a child keep in touch with home by sending care packages that remind the child of home, or by sending letters from home. Frequent contact with the people from home, through phone calls, emails, or letters, can ease the adjustment period in the new country.


Research the School System Beforehand

Finally, an important part of a child’s academic success is being mentally prepared for the new school. The standards may be higher or lower than in the home country, and schools may have already covered material that the child doesn’t know yet. Parents can help prepare students for what they will be expected to know in the new country.

Armed with the tips above, a child will be able to go far when entering a new school abroad. Read more advice from


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