Things for Moms to Consider When a New School Term Starts


Missing the Children

If you are a stay-at-home mother like me, then you do not look forward to the end of the short holidays from school when you have all your little ones running around the house with you. You treasure that time; those few precious moments that you still have with them before the school begins again. You will soon miss their smiling faces when they are gone to school and no longer on holiday. But, even more than because you will probably worry since you will not always be able to care of them and ensure that all their needs are met.


High Class Education in Malaysia

At least, in Malaysia you do not have to be too concerned about the quality of education that they are receiving. Malaysia has a world-class educational system and routinely ranks higher than many more developed countries. For example, my child attends an international school in Kuala Lumpur, so I am confident that he is getting a high quality education and that he is studying a variety of topics including a strong emphasis on technology, which will be essential for his future regardless of what career that he chooses to enter.




My Son’s International School Educational Experience

One concern that I have as a parent is that my son will be exposed to a variety of different kinds of people and languages. Having strong multi-language skills are a must to be well prepared for the future. Luckily, his international school in Kuala Lumpur has many students from different ethnic groups and who speak many different languages. Because languages are much easier to learn at his young age, he will probably learn many valuable lessons from just being around his classmates. Couple that exposure to ethnic diversity with his international school in Kuala Lumpur’s academic training in foreign languages and he is sure to be successful in business one day.



Baby No More

As the new school term commences, I can send my little fellow back to school with confidence and assurance that he is receiving many valuable lessons that I could never provide at home by myself. I know that there are many mothers out there who feel the same way as me and yearn for the days when they were just babies.


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The One Crucial Product Men Tend to Ignore Before Going Out on a Date

after shaveUsing the right after shave for men is probably as important as choosing the best makeup for women when it comes to dating. Particularly for first dates, a man’s scent can either be intoxicating to his date or practically toxic. Moreover, rough facial skin often becomes a deal breaker when a man goes in for a kiss at the end of the night. With the proper after shave to make your skin both smooth and enticing, your date will have no problem finding chemistry with you.


What Makes a Good After Shave

Traditionally, after shave comes in an alcohol base with various aromas mixed in that is applied to the face subsequent to shaving. However, after shave increasingly is taking on a form that more closely resembles lotion than cologne because, although the alcohol helps disinfect, it also dries out the skin. Some after shave lotions and balms even double as sunscreen, with UVA and UVB protection added into them. You can determine which after shave is best for you by evaluating your skin type and challenges, selecting a product with ingredients geared toward your needs. Once you have decided on ingredients, you will need to figure out which fragrances appeal to you or best represent your personality.

three myths about after shave


Ingredients and Their Effects

In most after shave balms, astringents and alcohol are replaced with gentler ingredients with various benefits depending on your needs. The following are some common after shave ingredients and their benefits:

• Alcohol

As an astringent, meaning it dries and pulls oil out of your skin, alcohol in after shave is great for anyone with a lot of acne and oily skin. Be aware that there will be a stinging sensation when applying this type of after shave. Remember to avoid alcohol-based products if your skin is too dry.

• Vitamins

B and E vitamins are known to support healthy skin and fast healing, so look for these ingredients if you struggle with razor burn, bumps and nicks. Even if you don’t particularly need them, these vitamins don’t have a down side.

• Aloe Vera

Providing both a cooling sensation as well as disinfecting any cuts, aloe is a preferred ingredient in a large number of after shaves for men. Like vitamins, aloe vera is great for any skin type.

aloe vera lotion


• Essential Oils  

Whether it has almond oil, grape seed extract, lanolin or refreshingly fragrant tea tree oil, an after shave cream with any type of essential oil is best for hydrating very dry and rough skin types. Of course, you may want to avoid these added oils if your skin is already too oily.

essential oil


Choosing a Scent

From fruity lime to heady sandalwood, there are just too many fragrances available to count. Trying to decide between aromas can leave your head spinning from sniffing all those samples. Few men’s colognes and after shaves contain floral perfumes, but you will still find a choice of several fragrance families. To cleanse your sense of smell between samples, as strange as it may sound, you need only to smell an unperfumed portion of your own skin.

Once you have decided on a fragrance family that best works for you, and you have narrowed your search down to a few types of after shave splashes or creams based on the ingredients you need, all you have to do is make your final decision. Test out your new after shave on your next date; you might be surprised at how much positive attention you’ll receive!



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5 Easy Habits You Can Instill Now for a Beach-Ready Body This Summer


Having facial acne can make even the most self-assured person uncomfortable, but this skin affliction is fairly common, even among adults. Body acne, on the other hand, is much less discussed but equally embarrassing, especially during the summer months of bikinis and beaches.

Like the facial type, body acne typically forms when a person’s hair follicles and pores become blocked. This occurs most commonly on the back, neck and chest, but it really can appear anywhere that dead skin and oil can build up and clog the pores. With thicker skin and larger pores in these areas of the body, it can be even trickier to keep this skin clear. Luckily, there are several methods that can be used to help keep skin fresh and beach-ready.


1. Focus on improving hygiene and keeping skin clean

The summer can be a conundrum for many body acne sufferers. On the one hand, they want their skin to be clear and beautiful for tank tops and bikinis, but on the other hand, the weather is working against them. The body naturally produces more oil in the summer, and this combined with more sweat and the use of sunscreen can lead to an increase of clogged pores. Showering daily, especially after a work out, and using a natural body scrub with a little bit of salicylic acid in it will help cleanse the pores and hopefully prevent more pore obstructions.



2.But avoid over-cleansing the skin

However, there is too much of a good thing when it comes to cleansing in the shower. The water can strip the skin of healthy moisture, over-drying the skin and sending it into oil production mode. Increasing oil production will also lead to clogged pores. After a shower, using a hypoallergenic body lotion can help keep moisture in the skin.



3. to natural fibers and fabrics

Wearing natural fabrics is a good year-round and exercising tip for anyone who suffers from body acne, but it is especially important in the summer when bodies are hot and perspiring excessively. The fibers are able to wick moisture away from the skin, helping to prevent clogged pores.



4. Avoid unnecessary jewelry or purse straps

Summer is the perfect time for minimal accessorizing. Leaving heavy jewelry or large purse straps against the skin as it perspires can trap dirt and sweat, clogging pores and causing body acne. By letting clear skin shine without the problems of jewelry can be extra beautiful, as well as healthier for the skin.




5. Choose hairstyles carefully

Another culprit for trapping dirt and sweat against the chest, neck and back is hair. Sweaty hair, or even hair with a lot of styling chemicals, can clog pores too. When the weather is hot, keeping hair up and off the skin can help.


There is no magic bullet for instantly conquering body acne, but careful attention to daily habits that clog pores can help prevent unsightly blemishes from occurring during bikini season. Making a few of these changes is the first step to cleaner skin.


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4 Ways to Prevent Phone Acne


Of all the things you may leave home without – your wallet, favorite sunglasses, shopping list – your cell phone is probably not one of them. Just about everybody everywhere is glued to their phone, figuratively – and sometimes literally. The fact that we’re always talking to people via our smartphones is the main reason why we notice acne cropping up in unfamiliar places. If you’ve ever noticed acne on your cheek or side of your chin, that’s likely due to talking on the phone.

This isn’t pleasant to hear, but it’s true: cell phones are covered in bacteria. Think about it – you touch your phone hundreds of times every day, after touching hundreds of other things. It’s no wonder why germs so easily get transferred from the rest of the world to your smartphone. Then, that bacteria gets transferred to your face when you make a call. Plus, smartphones seem to be growing in size, which means there’s more surface area for bacteria to cover and then transfer to your skin. Not only are you more exposed to germs, but your pores become clogged, which leads to acne. Sure, you can get rid of those blemishes, but why not prevent them from popping up in the first place? These four tips will help you keep your phone clean and your skin clear.


1. Instead of putting your phone up to your ear whenever a call comes in, invest in an earpiece or headphones.

Or, simply put your phone on speaker mode, so long as there aren’t people around to annoy. The farther your phone is from your skin, the more clear your face will stay. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your phone and skin clean, though.



2. Regularly wipe your phone with a microfiber cloth. Ideally, you should wipe your phone down every day

make it part of your daily routine. Then, once a week, wipe it down with a cotton ball that’s been lightly doused in rubbing alcohol. Then, spritz a bit of glass cleaner on a soft cloth and run it over the screen to make the screen shine. Make sure to routinely clean your phone even if it’s doesn’t look dirty – you can’t always see bacteria, but it may still be lurking.




3. If you left your headpiece at home and you don’t want the rest of the world to hear your conversation.

You may have no choice but to put the phone up to the side of your face. In this case, don’t press too hard. If you put pressure on your oil glands, they’ll be stimulated, which can lead to a breakout. Hold your cell phone lightly instead of squashing it to your ear. Also, avoid holding it to your ear with your shoulder – not only will this put too much pressure on your skin, but you could also hurt your neck.

Business woman at work



4. Not only do you have to keep your phone clean, but you have to keep your skin clean as well.

The less bacteria on your skin, the less chance of getting acne. Regularly cleanse your facial skin with products that have ingredients that prevent acne, like benzoyl peroxide. Concentrate your skin regime on your skin and cheeks, where your phone is most likely to touch. If you use a spot treatment with salicylic acid, you can keep it on your skin all day long.


If the worst happens and you see phone acne creeping up, look for products with soothing ingredients, like botanicals or aloe.

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Five Essential Items Every Cyclist Should Have On The Road


There are a few specific items that every cyclist should purchase when they buy bicycle parts in Malaysia. These items can make cycling easier and safer while riding along streets or through trails in the region. Here are five pieces of gear that every cyclist should purchase.

1. Protective Gear
It is important to wear a helmet that fits properly and is durable enough to protect the head during a crash. Elbow pads, knee guards and gloves can provide further protection for vulnerable areas of the body. To shield the eyes against glaring sunlight and flying debris, it is best to pick up some eyewear that is ideal for cycling.

2. Safety Lights
Cyclists should always make themselves visible to drivers on the road, and lights specifically designed for bicycles are easy to attach. Plus, these lights can enhance visibility when riding at night or through areas where visibility is limited.

3. Detachable Bike Pump
These types of bike pumps are easy to fit in bags and can be used to add air to tires that have become flat. Many pumps on the market can even be attached to bike frames for easy access.

4. Multi-Tool
The best multi-tools for bikes include a series of tools that can make all types of adjustments and repairs. Multi-tools often include chain tools, hex wrenches and screwdrivers. It may even be possible to find a multi-tool that includes a light if additional lighting is ever needed.

5. Navigation System
There are navigation systems on the market that are specifically designed for bicycles. Cyclists can program these devices to provide audible turn-by turn directions. Navigation systems can also show the total distance that has been travelled for cyclists who are doing training runs for athletic events.

Purchasing these items along with other essential parts for bicycles can save cyclists a lot of worry and hassle down the road. Most of these items are easy to take along during a bike ride and will likely prove to be a wise investment.

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Exfoliation Explained: Why You’re Exfoliating Wrong and How To Do It Right

Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up

Regular exfoliation is key to keeping your face looking and feeling good. If you fail to exfoliate routinely, you often end up with skin that looks dull and dry. Who wants flakes on their skin, anyway? Thankfully, proper exfoliation techniques can ensure that you maintain a complexion that’s glowing, soft, even, smooth, bright and 100 percent devoid of unsightly dehydrated patches.


Make Exfoliation Part of Your Morning Skincare Regimen

Try to exfoliate your skin in the morning rather than at night, if at all possible. Since your skin recharges and repairs itself while you sleep at night, the A.M. hours are ideal for doing away with dull and dead skin collecting on your complexion.




Use Exfoliation Products That Are Suitable For Your Specific Skin Type

Not everyone has the same skin type. Because of that, not everyone is suited to the same types of exfoliation products. Ensure success in exfoliation by always going out of your way to make sure you use an exfoliation product that’s suitable to the needs of your skin. If you have combination or dry skin, use a mild exfoliation product that has a light texture. Sugar scrubs are a good option.



If you have oily skin, opt for an exfoliation product that not only can skillfully get rid of dead skin cells but that can also reduce excess oil and pore waste. If your skin is highly sensitive, last but not least, go for an exfoliation product that is hypoallergenic. Try a peeling gel that consists of natural plant extracts rather than chemicals, for example. The goal in exfoliation for people with sensitive skin is to minimise chances of irritation.


Don’t Overdo it With Exfoliation

While it might be tempting to exfoliate your skin daily, it’s definitely not the best idea. If you exfoliate your face excessively, you could risk tearing your skin, which is the last thing you want. Try to exfoliate your skin one or two times per week. Refrain from exfoliating your skin more than four times within the span of one week.


Apply Your Exfoliation Product Properly

When you apply your exfoliation product, massage it onto your face in gentle circular motions. Do so for about half a minute. When you’re done, gently and thoroughly rinse all of the product off using lukewarm water. Never ever use hot water for this purpose.



Moisturise Your Skin After You’re Done

Once you’re through exfoliating your skin, remember to moisture it without delay.  Use a moisturizing cream that’s particularly effective at getting rid of dry flakes and patches on the skin.



Exfoliate While You Shower

Exfoliating during your morning shower can be an intelligent idea. When you shower, the steam of the hot water encourages your pores to open up. This, in turn, promotes circulation and increases the advantages of your exfoliation. Just grab a suitable a body scrub and scrub away.


Stay Away From Pointy Granules

When you buy an exfoliation product, steer clear of scrubs that consist of pointy granules. Granules can be tough on sensitive skin, leading to destruction of the capillaries. This can often bring on unsightly redness and irritation. If you want to avoid this annoyance, go for natural body scrubs or exfoliation scrub that includes round beads. These are nowhere near as harsh on the skin, after all.

images (1)


Be Gentle On Your Skin

Some people tend to get overly aggressive when they exfoliate the skin. If you’re one of those people, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Aggressive exfoliation can heighten skin sensitivity. It also can cause undesirable redness and irritation. If you want to avoid these unpleasant possibilities, massage your skin gently when you exfoliate. Treat your skin like the delicate organ it is.


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Galvanic Corrosion and The Little Charges that Save Our Ships

Corrosion has been a significant problem since the use of metals in pipes and marine structures began. In fact, chemists and engineers have studied the problem since Sir Humphry Davy presented the first research on the subject to the Royal Society in 1824.

Today, metals are better protected than ever. A chemical process, called galvanic corrosion, bonds a sacrificial metal onto the surface of the core structural metal. Corrosion then attacks the sacrificial metal first, sparing the core structure.

How Cathodic Protection Systems Work

Galvanic corrosion is a process that submerses two metals in an electrolyte substance. The sacrificial, more easily corroded, metal is bonded to the core structure metal using electric current.

This simple but effective technique enables a sacrificial metal to become an anode, a positively charged electrode. A protected metal then becomes a cathode, a negatively charged electrode.

The Cost of Corrosion

The economic and personal costs of corrosion are high and can be devastating both for public health and the environment. The following applications are just a few of the more important uses for galvanic corrosion.
• Pipelines. At the top of the list of structures requiring significant protection from corrosion are pipelines carrying potentially valuable or harmful substances. Whether natural gas, oil, water or chemicals, structural integrity is of the highest importance.
• Marine Structures. The lifespans of structures surrounded by salt water, such as jetties and other harbour structures, are greatly improved by galvanic corrosion techniques.
• Boats and Ships. The first work on cathodic protection systems addressed the integrity of the earliest iron vessels. Now, to protect the vessel’s metal, galvanic anodes are attached to the hulls and replaced regularly.

Problems Associated with Galvanic Corrosion

The galvanic corrosion process is far from perfect. In addition to regular maintenance, the following are some of the more immediate challenges.

•Escape of Hydrogen Ions. If the process is improperly applied, it will produce atomic hydrogen. Hydrogen gas cannot penetrate the metals, but the smaller hydrogen atoms can do so. This causes an effect known as “hydrogen embrittlement” which causes early metal failure.
•Disbonding. Excessive polarization of the anode and cathode systems occurs in metals that have imbalanced charges. The bonding between the metals is thereby compromised.
•Shielding Problems. Cathodic systems are compromised if substances such as tapes, sleeves or solid film coatings are used on pipes. Those substances are highly resistive to the electrical charges that keep the cathodic system intact.

Cathode protection systems may seem complicated and esoteric. When faced with the environmental disaster of a chemical pipeline break or the sinking of a ship, however, it is good for everyone to have a better idea of what happened, who is at fault and how to fix it.

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Chemical Skin Peeling Treatments: Yes or No?


The texture and appearance of someone’s skin is something that we notice almost immediately. It is the first thing that we see and it shapes how we see everything else about a person. The firmness and smoothness of a person’s skin can affect how their other features appear. To improve the health and look of one’s skin, many people have turned to chemical skin peeling treatments.


Why Skin Peeling Treatments?

Skin peeling treatments are used for a variety of cosmetic and dermatological reasons. It improves the look of skin that has had sun damage, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and makes scars and skin sagging less noticeable. The type of chemical peel chosen will likely be determined by the severity of skin damage that is hoped to be reversed or lessened.




Types of Skin Peels

A superficial peel typically involves a mild acid and only deals with the first layer of skin. This type of peel will make your face, neck and/or hands feel refreshed and soft. Superficial peels can fade slight discolorations in the skin and helps to remove any rough skin in the area by causing the skin to exfoliate and shed.

A medium or moderate peel penetrates not only the top layer of skin, but also the middle layer as well. This allows for greater effects but require stronger chemicals for deep penetration. Medium peels are used to fade age and sun damage spots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of freckles. This type of skin peel is occasionally used as a treatment for certain precancerous skin growths.

Deep peels, as you can imagine, deeply effects and alters the middle layer of the skin by removing damaged cells and leaving skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. This peel yields very dramatic results. However, this particular skin peel can only be done on the face and can only be performed once.




What to Expect from Chemical Skin Peeling Treatments

While some mild burning, itching, and discomfort is to be expected when removing several layers of skin cells, most people do not describe chemical peels as painful. As the skin begins to adjust to the presence of the chemicals and the removal of damaged cells, these effects will decrease. The stronger the chemical peel, the more severe the side effects are likely to be. Stinging and swelling have been reported after deep peels. Certain ointments and creams can be used to ease discomfort and your physician may be able to prescribe medications to manage side effects.

If you are considering getting a chemical skin peel, it is crucial that you consult a physician to make sure a chemical skin treatment is the right choice for your skin. If you are hesitant because you are unsure of the level of discomfort you will experience, make sure to ask for the most gentle option available and perhaps work your way up. Begin with a superficial peel and see what kind of effects you see in the health and appearance of your skin. The important thing is that you are happy with how your skin looks.


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6 Tips for Experincing Kuala Lumpur like a Local


Kuala Lumpur is one of the most exciting destinations in Asia. There is so much to see and do while you are there that it is impossible to get bored. To truly experience the city in all of its glory, it pays to approach the city from the viewpoint of a local resident. The citizens of Kuala Lumpur know the city’s true joys. If you want to have an incredible time during a holiday in Kuala Lumpur, here is a look at the six best ways to experience the city like a local.

1. Experience a Bar in the Sky

If you are a fan of the nightlife, there is no better place to go in Kuala Lumpur than the Heli Lounge Bar. It is a place where you will see mostly locals.


Few tourists are aware of it. Located 35 floors up in one of the city’s ubiquitous high rises, this is the perfect place to sip on a delicious cocktail as you watch one of Kuala Lumpur’s legendary sunsets.


A view from Heli Lounge Bar


2. See the Petronas Twin Towers

The most famous attractions in the city are the Petronas Twin Towers. They are a draw for locals and tourists alike, Featured in many Hollywood movies, these incredible towers will give you an incredible view from the 86th floor observation deck. 79120881687c41f0f1f1547c87b0596c

While you are up there, you can walk on the highest skywalk in the world between the two towers. There is also a lovely park next door that is a great place to reflect on the magnificence of the Petronas Twin Towers.




3. Drive Around and Explore

Citizens of the city are known for their sense of adventure. It you truly want to get into the spirit of a local exploration, get a discount taxi with the MyTeksi promo code and set out without an agenda. Have the driver take you around to see the sites he recommends. You may just want to tell him to drive around to the areas of the city he considers the most beautiful. When you see someplace intriguing, hop out of the taxi and dive into the adventure.




4. Eat like a Local

They say that the people of Kuala Lumpur are already thinking about what they are going to eat for lunch while they are eating breakfast. Food is an obsession in this city. They love all kinds of food, but they are truly proud of their street foods. If you want to sample some of the best street food that Kuala Lumpur has to offer, head to the corner of Jalan Sultan and Chinatown to experience some of the most fantastic Chinese food in the world.


Julan Sultan



China Town


5. See the Sunway Lagoon

Another spot where you will see more locals than tourists is at Sunway Lagoon. Located about 45 minutes from the city centre, this extraordinary place has an ice rink, artificial surf beach and volcano all in one spot.


A trip to Kuala Lumpur is an epic adventure. If you want to truly experience the magic of the city, follow these five tips to experience it like a local. Embrace your sense of adventure, and you will have the holiday of a lifetime.


Ice Rink


Surf Beach



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Why Should You Pay for Cloud Servers?


Whether you’re a large business with many locations or an online business, chances are that you rely heavily on servers and hosted solutions. While it may seem easier to host your own servers in-house, there are many benefits to cloud servers over other more traditional options.


Enjoy the Flexibility of Cloud Servers

The cloud offers many degrees of flexibility that you simply cannot find with dedicated or self-hosted servers. Whether you simply need to run a high-traffic website, or you need to host web applications for your business, the cloud can adapt to your constantly changing business needs. If you go from needing very little processing power one month, to needing four times as much processing power the next month, the cloud can adapt to this with very little cost. Rather than having to purchase additional servers, you can simply increase the amount of power you need. In the same sense, if the next month you start needing less processing power, you can simply downgrade your processing power rather than being left with servers that are too powerful for your needs.

Lower Operating Costs

Having to host your own servers brings a wide variety of expenses. Electricity costs, water costs for cooling, building costs, and security costs all play a role when you host your own servers. When you host your needs in the cloud, all of those expenses fall on the data centre managing the cloud. Plus, without having to have room for servers, you’re left with extra space if you already have an office. Since you don’t have to hire someone to manage your servers either, that money can be spent on other resources or employees.


Lower Operating Costs


Your Servers Move With You

When you use the cloud, your servers move with you no matter where you go. Business relocation is complicated enough, and having to move servers and deal with downtime just makes it more complicated. You can access your loud servers from anywhere in the world, meaning that if you want to move your business across the country or across the world you can continue to stay online with your customers 100 % of the time during the move.


Access your loud servers from anywhere


Backed up and Managed For You

When you take advantage of the cloud, you will no longer have to worry about performing daily, weekly, or monthly backups. No one will have to be held responsible when someone asks where the backup is after a data crash. The cloud can manage all of your backups for you based on your specifications and demands. Also, you can ensure that your software remains up to date to keep you on the cutting edge and ensure that your servers are running the most up to date virus protection.


Manage all of your backups



Take Advantage Today!

As you can see, there are many strong benefits to taking advantage of the cloud. Not only will your overall operating costs be lower, but all your maintenance, security, and hosting will be managed by someone else so you can worry about what’s important: running your business. Migrating to the cloud may seem like a lot of work, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back. If you’re ready to take advantage of the cloud, or you just want more information, you can learn more at

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