Here’s An Effective 5-Step Night Routine To Help You Avoid Pesky Skin Problems

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Many people often make the wrong assumption that following a night-time beauty routine is needless since you are going to sleep anyway. This is a huge mistake since your skin doesn’t stop producing oil and other excretions when you are asleep. That said, you have to make sure that these are taken care of before you hit the bed...

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Finance-Savvy Parents: 5 Tips for Opening a Bank Account for Your Kids

Financial literacy is not a core topic in a majority of schools in Malaysia. Last August, a veteran economist Yeah Kim Leng told the Free Malaysia Today that financial literacy should be introduced as a subject in schools. Whether or not this proposal will push through, parents still have the responsibility of teaching kids the value of money...

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6 Easy Money Hacks To Stretch Your Dollar Further

Many people say that money can’t buy happiness, but in actuality, it can also turn into a saving grace if you spend it the right way. Some people have a habit of spending everything they earn, without leaving any room behind for some little budget or saving...

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5 Influential Reasons to Live an Organic Lifestyle

Many studies have shown that there’s a correlation between one’s health and their lifestyle. One of the ways to a healthy body and mind is by choosing organic products. Here are 5 reasons why going organic can make a big difference and lead to a happier and better life:

  1. Preserve Ecosystem Organic means keeping pesticide and dangerous chemicals out of the air, water, soil, local habitat, and even...
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Every Engaged Couple’s Guide to Booking a Pre-Wedding Photography in Singapore

Truth be told, organizing a pre-wedding photography is one of the many exhilarating moments before the dawn of your big day. In a popular wedding destination such as Singapore, there are many interesting sights and sounds to complement the concept of your pre-wedding photo shoot...

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The Positive Side of Advertising: Why Do Advertisers Love Their Job?

Lay people might find it hard to understand why those persons behind a distracting television advertisement love their jobs. People living in Malaysia and other parts of the globe think that what advertisers do is merely some forms of interruptions and money-grabbing tactics...

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The 3 Most Common Health Issues That Should Not Be Ignored

With the fast-paced lifestyle these days, it is easy to overlook some health issues that one may already be facing. Although some health concerns are just minor and will go away on its own, there are also those that need some serious looking into.

Here are three health issues that people tend to overlook but need to be addressed:

  1. Ulcer and other gastrointestinal concerns...
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The Benefits of Being a Banker – 6 Reasons Why Everyone Wants a Job in the Malaysian Banking Industry

Ask any Malaysian, and they will tell you that one of the best industries to work for in this day and age is the banking industry. For many locals, having a banking career in Malaysia proves to be one of the best ways to secure financial success in the future. But there are still others who question the benefits of the job...

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6 Smart Tips To Live an Environment-Friendly Lifestyle in Malaysia

Far from being a cumbersome lifestyle, adding eco-friendly touches into your everyday habits comes with plenty of perks. Your monthly bill dwindles, your home becomes greener, and lastly, you will feel healthier than ever. There are many surprising eco-friendly tips that you can incorporate into your household, and here is where you can start.

  1. Bring a canvas bag

Canvas bag is an eco-friendly ...

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Understanding Engagement – A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals on Employee Engagement

On top of recruiting, training, and managing, HR professionals are also responsible for engaging employees, which basically means keeping them satisfied with their work situation to prevent them from leaving too soon. For many, it can be a burden, simply because it’s hard to understand what employees really want...

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